How to use Kool-aid as a Hair Dye to Enhance the Color of the Hair

kool-aid hair dye

1. First, choose the color Kool-aid that you want to dye your hair with by selecting from any of the various flavors.

2. You may need to buy several packs of the same color to get the correct color pay-off.
3. Bring a pot of water to boil then pour the contents of the package in the hot water and mix thoroughly. 
4. Allow the Kool-aid mixture to cool before attempting to dye the hair. 
5. To dye your hair pour the ingredients into a cup or dye applicator bottle after it has been cool, and saturate your hair with the mixture.
6. After your hair has been soaked with the Kool-aid coloring, use a plastic conditioning cap, and sit under a dryer at the highest setting or what you feel comfortable with. 
7. Wait 30 minutes and check your hair to see if you have achieved the desired color of the Kool-aid selected. 
8. Rinse your hair out with conditioner and style as usual.
If you have tried this method please share your results and your method of doing it in the comment box below.

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