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Help your hair to grow by using these simple DIY home ingredients for hair growth. You will see results within a week or two. I have tried some myself and I am amazed by the growth that I have achieved to my bald spot and hair. Use these hair growth tips to the best of your benefits whether for bald spots and/or healthy long hair.

Olive oil

By applying olive oil over the hair at least every week for about thirty minutes and then washing it as usual with tepid water. This can also be done in a form of pre-poo.

Aloe vera and honey for faster hair growth

Use the flesh of several loaves of aloe vera or aloe vera gel mixed with honey, apply it on the scalp. Wait 20 minutes and wash and rinse the hair as usual.

Onion for healthy hair

Chop an onion and add pieces of it to the shampoo. Let it stand for fifteen days and use the shampoo to wash as usual. Not only does it make the hair grow faster but it also makes the hair look amazingly shiny.

Aloe vera and onion

Prepare a shampoo with little pieces of aloe vera and onion to wash the hair 2 or 3 times a week. To make it more effective use a rosemary or avocado pear conditioner to hydrate the hair.

Energy breakfast

A spoonful of soya lecithin, a spoonful of wheat germ, a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of brewer’s yeast and a yogurt. Combine ingredients and add this homemade recipe to the everyday breakfast. After a week you will see how the hair grows very fast and with strength.

Potatoes water

Retain the water used to boil potatoes and use it that same day to wash your hair shampooing.

Contraceptive pills for fast hair growth

Buy a packet of contraceptive pills any brand or type. Take 10 to 15 pills and put them in a plastic bag and crush them carefully until they become powdery. Add the powder to the shampoo bottle, mix it well and let it stand at least one day. Then shampoo and condition as usual.

Rosemary oil

Put one-half cup of olive oil and two spoonfuls of dry rosemary in a container. Heat it up in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Let it stand two or three days, strain it and keep it close. Use it to make massages over the scalp after shampooing.

Tomato, olive oil and aloe vera for abundant hair

Blend tomato with a drop of olive oil, warm and apply it over the whole root of the scalp and allow it to stand as long as possible. This mixture can be enhanced by adding aloe vera.

Trim dead ends to make the hair grow faster

Have your ends slightly trimmed/clipped every month on the first quarter day. The cut will give strength to the hair and the moon effects over all the bodies will enhance the growth the next month.

Hair nourishment

One egg, a drop of olive oil, two spoonful of honey. Apply it over the scalp while you massage it firmly.

 Avoid hot water

Wash the hair with tepid or cold water, not hot water. 

Another Onion homemade recipe for the hair

Chop half of red onion, four cloves of garlic and two teaspoons of cinnamon. Boil everything in a pot for about fifteen minutes and wash the hair with this infusion during four days without interruptions.

Prickly pear or aloe vera to nourish the hair deeply

Cut several loaves of prickly pear or aloe vera in pieces and leave them in water the whole night to get the segregation. Use what was obtained to wash the hair, leaving it in as much time as possible.

Hair creams

Apply a moisturizing cream or gel to give form to the hair instead of oils because they activate with the heat and break the hair when you are exposed to the sun.

Another homemade remedy with olive oil for hair growth

Have a teaspoon of olive oil with a glass of milk (to avoid the flavour of oil).

Grape seed oil

Rub the scalp with grape seed oil. Let it stand some minutes and wash. It is ideal to apply as a complement of another trick.

Rosemary water

Washing hair every day with rosemary water and your hair will grow fast.


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