How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit

The outfits we wear on various occasions determine our style. On the other hand accessories, including jewelry, add the extra spice and show our unique side. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are equally or even more important than the rest of our attire.

Jewelry is the cherry on top of a perfect cake, the missing ingredient in your visual recipe. Companies like Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry have a lot of beautiful pieces on offer, but the key is to find out which pieces add the most to your outfit. And while jewelry should show off how unique there are, you should still pay attention to a few unwritten rules of combining outfits and jewelry.

How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit


Jewelry Must Add Something to Your Outfit

The most common mistakes women make when it comes to accessorizing is wearing too much or too little of it. A piece of jewelry has to add something to your overall look. Just because you adore that necklace your grandmother gave you does not mean you have to wear it on every occasion. On the other hand, if you are wearing a formal business attire, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with unusual jewelry.

Make Sure Your Jewelry is Proportional to Your Features

The key to a successful outfit and jewelry pairing is knowing to determine the focal point. This is the part of your body you want to accent and the one that immediately draws the eye. Once you do, you can use jewelry to complement your focus point and the rest of your outfit.
If picked right, jewelry can help you accent your focal point. However, jewelry can also divert attention from it. The size of the jewelry is the key to getting this step just right. For example, never wear earrings that cover your earlobe or a necklace that’s so long it shortens your neck.

Jewelry Has to Match Your Skin Tone

Another common mistake women make when accessorizing is not paying attention to how their jewelry complements their skin complexity. Choose the materials and gemstones so that they bring out your natural skin tone. The key is to pick the right hue.
Some might look better wearing green turquoise gemstone than a blue one. The color of the metal also complements every woman differently. While most immediately go for silver, gold can really help accent blue undertones in the skin.

Pick Your Jewelry for the Occasion

While the concept of what’s appropriate is different to what it was compared to the past, some rules still apply. A lush diamond necklace might be appropriate for business meetings, it might stand out too much at the movies. Make sure to match the vibe of your jewelry to your outfit and find complementary pieces.

Your Jewelry Has to Be Adaptable

What separates great jewelry pieces from average ones is their ability to complement different styles, occasions and outfits. If you wearing a necklace perfectly matching your earrings and bracelet you aren’t adding anything new or interesting to your outfit. It will also make everyone pay more attention to your jewelry than your outfit or yourself. Even when worn apart, a matching set often adds nothing new to your outfit. 


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