Give Them Face, Darling

As any gorgeous beauty knows, looking your best it all about giving face. That is getting your face to look the best it possibly can. But can us normal girls complete? I say yes, and below you can find out how.

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Obviously, if you want your face to look its best, you need to look after your skin as much as possible. This includes not only eating healthily and staying hydrated but also using products that help to keep your skin as clean as possible. So while you may be rocking a full coverage foundation during the day, always make sure that you take it off at night using the most essential beauty product. This will allow your skin to breathe and repair. Although, you may need to use specialist products to remove things like long wear lipsticks and eye makeup without having to scrub too hard. As you don’t want to damage those delicate areas if at all possible.



Now, something else that you need to attend to if you want to give them face is your smile. A beautiful smile is not only captivating, but it can change your whole look. So it’s worth investing in your mouth and teeth. Luckily, there are many whitening solutions that are now available on the high street. You can do these at home to get your teeth to shine brightly. Although, you can also help this process by staying away from red wine, coffee, and nicotine. Also, if you are a little embarrassed to show your smile because your teeth are crooked why not consider investing in insatiable races like the one available from clear correct? Then you can get your teeth straightened without having to worry about your appearance during the process.



Of course, it’s no good having perfect pearly whites if you don’t do your best to show them off by using some good lipstick. The best advice that I have come across here is to line your lips before you apply and use a long-lasting liquid lip. This works well as you don’t have to keep reapplying the product every time you take a bite of food or a sip of the drink. So you can keep giving them face all day.


Something that we perhaps have the Kardashians to thank for is popularizing that perfect face with a little help from contouring. This is a simple process of using makeup that is a shade darker and a shade lighter than your natural complexion to shape the face.

It can be used to cut in the cheeks and make your cheekbones appear more prominent. As well as slimming down your nose and forehead. It is something that you will have to practice to become good at. But once you have the right shapes for your face you can learn to do it quickly and incorporate into your everyday routine.


Lastly, a sure fire way of giving the best face possible is to know your camera angles. It’s why all the stars look so great in media photos and selfies. It’s just matter of knowing at what angle to hold your face at to get the best picture and then practicing that when you are out and about. For more information on this see here.


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