How To Look Expensive

If you are somewhat of a fashionista, you will want to make sure that every outfit is on point. Not content with slumming it in your tracksuit bottoms, you will be keen to look your best at all times and looking expensive can help you achieve this. Here we take a look at just some of the ways that you can turn a bargain basement buy into a catwalk classic.

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1. Always make sure that your hair and makeup is well done and appropriate. For instance, if you are traveling courtesy of private jet charters you really should be making an extra effort. There is something appealing about a woman with sleek, shiny hair and fresh, dewy makeup. Invest time in your skincare routine after all clear, healthy skin is the first step to beauty.

2. Wear nudes. Nude tones exude a certain kind of elegance especially when worn head to toe. There are many nudes on the high street, so you are sure to find one that suits your skin tone. Choose them in plush fabrics for an extra injection of class.

3. Keep it simple and stick to the modelesque uniform of a simple white tee paired with blue jeans and a great blazer.

4. Invest in a brand. Granted, you probably can’t afford that Balmain blazer just yet, but you can still invest in a brand in a small way. A well-chosen accessory can transform your high street outfit to high-end status in one easy step. So whether it be a Gucci belt, a Hermes twilly or some Celine sunnies, make sure you use your little piece of luxury to its full potential.

5. Wear one colour. When you see women dressed in one colour from head to toe; you get an instant impression of elegance and luxury. Choose white, black or even double denim, and you will exude a classy, put together vibe, that could have cost thousands!

6. Roll neck jumpers are the epitome of elegance during the colder months. Team them with smart jeans or tailored trousers for a chic, understated style.

7. Wear a red lip. Although we have seen how pared back; natural makeup can give off the right impression so too can a bold red lip. Experiment to find your perfect shade and team it with a chic black blazer for a winning combination.

8. Whatever you are planning to wear, make sure that you take the time to prepare your outfit. A freshly ironed shirt and clean, polished shoes lay the ideal foundations.

Finally, if you want to look expensive all the time, you need to consider carefully how to spend your hard earned cash. Instead of buying large volumes of cheap, throw away fashion, save your money and buy fewer investment pieces. They will instantly lift your outfit, whatever it cost. Choose a really good coat or bag and always opt for classic styles and neutral colours that won’t go out of style anytime soon.



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