Dreams Do Come True: Saving for Your Fairytale Wedding

Every girl dreams about her wedding day, and if we are honest with ourselves, those dreams don’t fade once we get older. We all want a spectacular day that we are going to cherish for years and years to come. However, the trouble is that weddings are also getting more expensive, which makes it incredibly difficult to have the type of day you have envisioned for many years. But, don’t fret, as it is not impossible. Below, we have put together some top saving tips that will help you to have the fairytale wedding of your dreams.

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Start a savings plan

There is only one place to begin, and this is with putting a savings plan together. This always begins by conducting a bit of research to determine how expensive weddings in your area are. Once you have done this, you need to put together a plan of action. Determine how much money you will be able to save every month. This will involve cutting back on bills and looking for ways to make savings. It is important to set yourself realistic saving targets; otherwise, you are simply going to set yourself up for failure.

Consider taking out a loan

Have you thought about taking out a loan? More and more people are turning towards financial aid so they can secure funds for personal use. As weddings are incredibly expensive, a loan would enable you to have your wedding soon, and then pay it off in installments afterward. This means you don’t have to save up for years and years until you are able to get wed. However, there are some important things to remember when taking out a loan. Firstly, never borrow more than you can afford. It is imperative that you are able to comfortably make the monthly repayments. Secondly, select a repayment schedule that is suitable for you. There are so many options nowadays, so it should be easy to find something you are comfortable with. And finally, don’t borrow more than you need simply because it is being offered to you.

Prioritise your wedding

What is most important when it comes to your dream wedding? It is a good idea to rank everything in order of priority. This will give you a sense of direction, and you will have a greater chance of arranging your dream wedding if you work down the list in the order of things that matter the most. Consider the following elements: invitations, table name cards, gifts, wedding rings, transport, photography, entertainment, flowers, dresses and suits, the wedding ceremony, catering, and the wedding reception. You will then able to cut costs without compromising your dream day, as those at the bottom of the list surely don’t matter that much to you in the grand scheme of things?

Use your friend’s talents  

Do you know someone who is amazing at baking wedding cakes? Why not ask them to make your wedding cake instead of buying you a wedding gift. If you cut things like this off your to-do list, you will be able to save for your wedding a lot quicker.

Find out if your parents are going to pay anything towards your wedding

Before you put a savings plan together, it would be a good idea to speak to your parents to find out whether they will be contributing any money to your wedding. Of course, this is a subject you will need to broach carefully. Depending on your relationship with your parents, this may or may not be something you are comfortable with. You will know yourself whether this is an avenue to explore.

Consider reducing the number of people who come to your wedding

Do you really need to invite your best friend’s cousin? Or what about your dad’s best mate? While it is tempting to invite anyone you have ever met, it is important to think about what is actually important to you. Do you want to spend more money on people you barely see? Or, do you want to focus more on quality, and cater to a lower number of people? You could always host a wedding celebration after at your house or you could rent out a hall, and that is a great way to get everyone together without spending a lot.

All in all, a wedding can be one of the most expensive things you will ever pay for, but your special day is certainly worth it. If you feel your dream wedding will never happen, consider the tips above and make it a reality.

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