Medical Spa – Things You Should Know Before You Visit One

A medical spa is a one-stop solution to fulfill all your health needs. At Paradise Med Spa both cosmetic and medical treatments are offered in a relaxing, calm and serene ambiance. The med spa takes complete care of patient both before as well as after the medical procedure.

medical spa

The best part about the medical spa is, it offers the luxurious, quiet, soothing and peaceful environment and focuses on providing complete skin and health wellness. Here are the top 6 things which you should be well aware before your first Medical Spa visit:

  1. Things to expect at the medical spa

Depending on the treatments available, a medical spa is often supervised by a doctor or highly trained staff. The entire ambiance is fashionable, peaceful, well maintained and not like a doctor visit. The staff are friendly, helpful and focused on fulfilling your needs.

You are entitled to receive the medical grade procedure, prescription, and treatments.  Usually, medical treatments require some days of recovery or rest time after successful completion of the procedure.

  1. Know the aesthetician or doctor

Never hesitate to ask the doctor, physician’s assistants and/or aesthetician staff who are going to perform the medical procedure any questions. You should check the licensing status, qualifications, and specialization of the spa. If a nurse or an assistant is performing the procedure check their respective qualification, the supervising doctor, their reachability etc.

  1. Be aware of the risk

When it comes to medical procedures, each and every minor procedure will carry some amount of risks and it is must for the medical practitioner to inform fully about the risks involved to the patients.

For medical procedures, always check with the practitioners regarding complications and potential adverse reactions beforehand. The best option is to give a call and check for the availability of physician so that you can get complete knowledge about the procedure before getting started.

  1. Make sure discounts are for a quality service

Never nod a yes for cheap Botox, fillers, correction, laser treatments in order to save few bucks, unless you know the med spa. Some new med spas do offer discounted treatments to get more clients in the door. And spas send discounts to their clientele for loyalty rewards.

But make sure you research well about the ongoing rates at other dermatologist’s office and compare the deal. A poor quality product can result in an unsatisfied patient or client.

  1. How a medical spa is different from a day spa

In a well maintained medical spa, you receive the best and intense treatment and usually have the options of treatments that are more cosmetic in nature. Day spas are usually focused on facial peels, massage, and other procedures such as microdermabrasion.

After a medical spa treatment, you may need some extra time to recover completely. In addition, a medical spa often gives clients the best and quickest results. Many of the products at a med spa are not available at a day spa.

  1. Follow your instincts

Never even give a second thought to your instincts. A medical spa should offer your relaxing experience. If you observe any unusual functioning or different behavior of personnel it is time to say goodbye to the medical spa.

Keep a check on the basic activities like all the medical facilities is clean, are the personnel washing hands well, are they using sterilized gloves, are they following good hygienic practice, is there a doctor monitoring staffs, are the staff friendly and answering your concerns and questions?


All in all, clients are getting great results with laser hair removal treatments, skin tightening procedures and much more. Once you have researched the procedure that you believe can help you the most, go to Google and type in ‘med spa’ in your location and use the Google reviews to determine which spas have the highest ratings and customer satisfaction. Reputation is key in the medical spa industry and clients are holding spas accountable by giving honest feedback in Google, Facebook and Yelp. Once you complete your spa treatment, give your honest feedback as well, so that others might benefit from your experience.


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