What Makes a Stylish Vacation

We all want to be completely glamorous when we go on vacation. We want to look great, we want to have fun, and we want to enjoy our time so much it seems like it will never end. In reality, travel is far too often plagued with delays, cancellations, arguments, and ill-prepared planning that leads to a sub-par vacation, all in the bid to spend as little money as possible. Instead of trying to head out on a small budget, prepare and save in advance. Travel and the memories you make will be far worth it in the end, and if you combine proper planning and saving with these trips, you will be sure to have your best vacation yet:


Flying in Business Class

Flying is uncomfortable at the best of times. Combine the flight itself with your experience pre-flight, and this can result in a very taxing travel day. Rather than waste one of your vacation days in discomfort, splurge on yourself. You can either upgrade directly for priority or business class, or you can build up your loyalty with a specific airline so that you can have access to their members’ lounge. This will make the whole process easier, more comfortable, and help you look and feel great from the start of the day till touchdown.

Skipping the Hotel and Choosing Something More Stylish

Hotels have had their run of the luxury sector for long enough. Not only do you have to go truly beyond a regular budget to find a hotel that combines style, comfort, and luxury all in one, you still have to deal with small room capacities, making it less than ideal for groups. Instead, combine your budgets together and find the perfect home away from home on VacationRenter by Wilbur Labs. Not only can you enjoy a property that can help you feel right at home wherever you travel, you can find completely unique and beautiful homes to really make your vacation stylish and more sociable.

A Capsule Wardrobe

Over packing is a common side effect to traveling, leaving many with over sized suitcases and still far too little to wear. By really focusing on bringing outfits, instead of individual pieces, you can bring far less and still look more put together than you ever have before. What this means for your vacation is a better wardrobe, a smaller bag, and easier and more flawless travel.

Getting Around

Knowing where your going, having insider’s knowledge at the touch of your fingers, and generally just staying connected is the best way to travel. Don’t get bogged down with maps, tour guides, or other obvious markers that detract from your overall experience. Instead, stay connected. See if your provider offers overseas data, or pick up a SIM card when you land. You’ll be able to get where you’re going without struggle, buy tickets online, and otherwise enjoy your trip more stylishly than you would otherwise.

Traveling in style takes a bit more preparation and smarter travel methods, but adopt these tips and you can improve every trip and your experience again and again.


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