Worst beauty trends of 2013

For all the fabulous hairstyles, bold lip colors whether ombre or natural lip colors that became trends, there are a few beauty trends that fell short of impressive. In fact, they were so terrible that we would like to forget all about them, but only if we could. These various style has been featured on the red carpet and even on the runway; however, there are just certain hairstyles and makeup looks that should never see the light of day.

In one final run through of this year 2013 worst beauty trends, down below are some looks that we are trying to forget

half shave head

Half Shaved Head

Rihanna is an exception to this example, there is practically no one on the face of the earth that looks good with a half shaved head. Besides the fact that it is not natural.

bleached eyebrows, worst beauty trends

Bleached Eyebrows

Ladies spare the chemicals on the eyebrows.

full glitter

Full Pieces of Glitter as Makeup

Full appliques should not be used on the face, same goes gemstones unless it’s Halloween. Chanel runway show an exception.

black swan eyeshadow

Black Swan Eyeshadow

With a smokey eye and a black swan eye there surely is a fine line, and while we love wearing good graphic liner, the lids covered in black shadow overtakes the face. Not much to say about January Jones…

wet hair

Wet Hair Look 

For a quick hairdo the wet hair will work, but what happens if it dries out… It’s another thing to entirely make your hair look wet, but why would you purposely leave your hair wet with the intention to keep it that way.



Ok! Ladies this look should go no further that on the runway. By wearing this hairdo during the day; it comes off as costumey and a bit ridiculous. We don’t want that! Even though it’s a bit classier than Snooki’s pouf.


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