When To Shop Online And/Or In Store For Beauty Products

Newsletters! We all get them. Then we go ahead and open daily dose of the countless emails with the catchy headline; persuading us to try the latest beauty craze and/or purchase the limited edition items before they get sold out. However, it is hard to decide what beauty product can be bought online; without an expert advice or without being able to test out the shade or look at the color payoff. There are a time and place for everything and this article will inform you; when it’s more convenient to shop online or in stores. To help you budget better; here are eight times when it’s the best time to shop online and four times in stores.

When It’s Appropriate to Shop Beauty Online

1.     If there is a money back guarantee: Some online sites will offer a full refund if you try a product you ordered and don’t like it. If this is the case then go ahead and buy your beauty product.
2.     There is a Sale: whether its 10%, 25% or 50% off you are welcome to splurge on beauty products, once you are getting a great deal.
3.     There is a BOGO: the buy one get one free is always a great deal since the price for one equals two.
4.     During Holidays or Special Events: Whenever there is an event or holiday in the U.S. you can always catch a sale online. For eg. St. Patrick Day, Veterans Day etc.
5.     Have knowledge of the brand: If you have used various products before from a certain brand and trust what the company has to offer, then what’s stopping you. Go ahead and buy that second product from that brand.
6.     You are Repurchasing: Too busy to go to the store, then why not shop online. This will save you a lot of time, not to mention deliveries are fast and you already know the product.
7.     Limited Edition: this is when your favourite celeb collaborates with your favourite makeup line and they offer a midnight release online sale, then this is the time you can order online. Most times these limited edition products gets sold out in stores and you can guarantee you’re going to get the product you want if you order quickly online.
8.     Research: If you watch tutorials, read blogs, visit beauty forums online then you know all of this fall in the category of research, you will be ready to order. 

When You Need to Shop Offline/In-stores

1.     New Skincare Products: never buy skin care products without being able to test, ordering with a blind eye not a requirement. The skin is very sensitive and delicate; it requires you to test in person to avoid later damages to the skin surface.
2.     Bold Colors: some shades will look completely different online than when you actually see it yourself, unlike neutrals.
3.     Trends: Some beauty fads can be quite expensive and they normally come and go. For instance; bold/nude colours does not suite everyone and foundation shade need to be skin matched, so it needs to be tried out and see if it fits before purchasing for best results.  
4.     New Fragrances: Anxious about that new fragrance, then why not stop in stores and scent it for yourself, even though online descriptions have gotten extremely detailed, the scent can still be a bit of turn-off for some of us.
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