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    Listening sessions with Taylor Swift and invites to the Royal Wedding — times we’ve been invited to hang out with celebrities

    On Saturday 19th May, many of us gave up hope that our invite to the biggest wedding of the year was lost in the post. But, 2,640 lucky individuals did receive requests to attend the special day.

    That’s not the first time we’ve been invited to hang out with celebrities either. Together with luxury engagement rings retailer, Angelic Diamonds, we take a look at other occasions where we’ve scrubbed up to walk among A-listers.

    royal wedding

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    30 Beauty Questions Tag

    I came across this interesting 30 Beauty Questions tag and immediately I wanted to take part in it. The questions are makeup related and it is a good way to learn more about me; the blogger behind Beauty That Walks.

    30 Beauty Questions Tag

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    The Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery is both a costly and potentially dangerous route to take when it comes to changing the way you look. It is for these reasons why many people who desire to look like a Hollywood star don’t take such a route. But just because these people don’t take this route, it doesn’t mean their desires can’t be fulfilled. No, there are a plethora of alternatives to surgery out there that are both cost-effective and safe.

    cosmetic surgery

    Read on to find information on a few alternatives to cosmetic surgery

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    From the Weird to the Practical: Top Celebrity Beauty Hacks

    Over the past few years, we have heard some of the most bizarre beauty hacks from celebrities, as well as the most brilliant. To save you the trouble of searching for each and every one of them, we have put together a collection of the best celebrity beauty hacks below.

    7 Top Celebrity Beauty Hacks

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    How To Throw An Academy Awards Party

    Celebrities can always be seen walking the red carpet at Hollywood events, rocking their beautiful dresses and posing for the camera. I especially love to see when photographers get every angle of celebs outfits and shoes – the whole 360 spin and shoe cam. The Academy Awards, nicknamed “The Oscars” specifically is a huge event in the celebrity world. The most prestigious movie stars get together to celebrate their accomplishments, which leads to an insanely glamorous and luxurious event. Seeing The Academy Awards on television isn’t enough for everyone – some dream of being there in the mix of the event and this is where a red carpet party comes into play.

    Image Credit: Blast Magazine

    The aim of throwing a red carpet or academy awards party is to recreate the entire event with friends, changing the atmosphere to match the one of Hollywood. To kick off this red carpet party, there are some things that are required:
    • The invitation
    • Dress code
    • Ballroom
    • The red carpet
    • Step and repeat banner
    • Red carpet decor
    • Food and drink
    • Entertainment

    The Invitation

    The invitation you send out to your guests is the first impression they will get of the party. Since you are having an academy awards party, this invitation needs to be the epitome of luxury. Do not go too overboard with glitz and glam, though – sometimes being on the simple side is more elegant. Foil or letterpress invitations are great ways to add glamour to your invitations, without being flashy. Before you send out your invitations, create a guest list with all of your invitees and ensure to limit it to your budget and venue.

    Dress Code

    Inform all invitees to attend your event in their best formal ballroom attire. When you create your invitations, you should make sure to put the dress code on there, informing your guests to play the part. This means that women will wear long, formal gowns and men will wear their fanciest tuxedo. Think about what you see on the red carpet – this is the type of outfit you are going for. If you do not have a gown or tuxedo that will “fit” the event, try searching for websites that allow you to rent for the night. For example, Rent The Runway is a great website for renting dresses!

    Academy Awards
    Image Credit: Glamour


    After you come up with a tentative budget and guest list, the search is on for a venue! Find a place that will match the style of your event – imagine what the real academy awards party would look like and do your best to recreate that…of course, within your budget. When you find the perfect place, make sure you talk to them about the event you are picturing – this way, you will know what they do and do not allow.

    The Red Carpet

    Shop around for a red carpet long enough to cover the entrance of your venue. The red carpet is the first thing that guests will see when they walk into your event, so make it noticeable! If you can, have lights that amplify the red carpet and make your guests feel camera ready. Another fun touch would be hiring photographers as “press” for the party!

    red carpet
    Image Credit: ubackdrop

    Step and Repeat Banner

    The step and repeat banner is the banner behind your red carpet – it will be in every picture taken on the red carpet. Each year, the banner is different at The Academy Awards, but each year there is a similar trend – it is glamorous. Most usually have light tones like gold and white and typically say The Oscars on there. Make the banner your own – you could even add your name for a more personal touch!

    Red Carpet Decor

    Red carpet decor is important to set the tone of the event. The decor includes flowers, tables, tablecloths, and more. A great, special touch to add to your event is a sword from Swords of Northshire. Swords of Northshire has replica movie swords on their website, which would be a great addition to your Academy Awards party. For example, they have a Braveheart replica sword. Braveheart won an Academy Award for best picture, best director, best cinematography, best sound editing, best makeup and hairstyle, best director – motion film, and many other awards. Another movie replica sword on their website is from Kill Bill. Your guests will be in awe of the high-quality replica sword and the good thing about purchasing a sword for your party is that it will be of use after the event too. All of the swords are hand forged and battle ready, ensuring that you have the best product possible. Swords of Northshire has many fantastic reviews on their website to help you feel more comfortable with your purchase, too. These two reviews are just two out of over 375 reviews on their website: “I collect all kinds of swords, and I can honestly say the one I just got from swords of northshire is my favorite and one of the best quality blades I’ve ever gotten thank you so much!” “My sword is amazing. Better then I expected. I would recommend anyone looking for a sword of any type to look here first.”

    Image Credit: Swords of Northshire

    Food and Drink

    In my opinion, passed hor d’oeuvres would be a great addition to your party. Tapas style foods are always higher end and seem fancier. Of course, having someone pass around food the entire night does raise the cost of the event, so a great secondary option would be to have small bite-sized food sitting around your ballroom. Cheese boards, chocolate fountains, cold soups, crostinis and more are perfect options to step up the food at your event.


    The entertainment is always the star of the show! From musicians and speakers to magicians and dancers, you cannot go wrong. Honestly, if you incorporate all of the other aspects of this party; you could probably even get away without having “live” entertainment. A great way to save costs on this is to have your own speech, create awards for your friends and announce them yourself, and have a set playlist on your phone or computer that will play during the event. This will definitely get the party started!

    The Academy Awards is an elaborate event that people watch and awe over, each year. Bringing the event to your friends in the form of a party is an amazing way to have the best time of your life and getting an excuse to dress up and have fun! Do not forget to have fun while planning and make sure to check out Swords of Northshire; if you need a high-quality movie replica for your fancy red carpet party!
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    A-List Inspiration for No Makeup Look

    Smokey-glittery-way-too-contoured-baked-look is way gone and it’s time for the no makeup look to take dominance. While we were seeing a chunk of no-makeup look walking the streets back in 2015 and 2016, we’ve somehow replaced it for other trends for a second even though we’ve all known that the natural vibe is what we’ll be coming back to.

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    What Lil Kim had to say about her Before and After appearance

    Lil Kim Before & After
    “I miss the old Kim” is a statement that is lingering in the entertainment world especially by the 90s hip-hop lovers and they are not just referring to her catchy hooks and feisty punch lines, but also her appearance. Anyone that has a good vision can assume that she has had a bit of cosmetic work done on her face. However, some could say she’s barely recognizable. It’s rather unclear whether or not she has regrets about her drastic change in appearance, but it does seem to be a rather touchy subject for the Brooklyn rappers. The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones know has an unrecognizable face, that includes what appears to be a lighter skin, fuller cheekbones and a smaller nose. Her new look surfaced after several months reports stated that she had undergo a plastic surgery.
    When Kim was asked about the media’s fixation on her face during an interview with Rolling Out, in her replies she stated, no disrespect, no shade, but I’m not going to answer [that] question. Then she went on saying that she thinks that’s kinda corny and she doesn’t know how to answer that. “That’s not a question I would answer,” she continued. “I’m blessed. That’s all I can say and I am who I am.” Lil Kim was more willing to discuss her current thoughts about finding love with a possibility of getting married. She went along by saying if it happens, it happens and she is not going to fight it because at the end of the day she feels as if she can have both.
    Do you think people should discontinue talking about Lil Kim’s appearance?
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    Worst beauty trends of 2013

    For all the fabulous hairstyles, bold lip colors whether ombre or natural lip colors that became trends, there are a few beauty trends that fell short of impressive. In fact, they were so terrible that we would like to forget all about them, but only if we could. These various style has been featured on the red carpet and even on the runway; however, there are just certain hairstyles and makeup looks that should never see the light of day.

    In one final run through of this year 2013 worst beauty trends, down below are some looks that we are trying to forget Read more

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    Cee Lo Disco Ball outfit

    Disco ball in blue
    Disco ball in blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The Voice has finally picked a winner, but hey let’s check out this rather unique disco ball looking outfit that Cee Lo is wearing. Comment if you would wear it or not…….

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