What Lil Kim had to say about her Before and After appearance

Lil Kim Before & After
“I miss the old Kim” is a statement that is lingering in the entertainment world especially by the 90s hip-hop lovers and they are not just referring to her catchy hooks and feisty punch lines, but also her appearance. Anyone that has a good vision can assume that she has had a bit of cosmetic work done on her face. However, some could say she’s barely recognizable. It’s rather unclear whether or not she has regrets about her drastic change in appearance, but it does seem to be a rather touchy subject for the Brooklyn rappers. The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones know has an unrecognizable face, that includes what appears to be a lighter skin, fuller cheekbones and a smaller nose. Her new look surfaced after several months reports stated that she had undergo a plastic surgery.
When Kim was asked about the media’s fixation on her face during an interview with Rolling Out, in her replies she stated, no disrespect, no shade, but I’m not going to answer [that] question. Then she went on saying that she thinks that’s kinda corny and she doesn’t know how to answer that. “That’s not a question I would answer,” she continued. “I’m blessed. That’s all I can say and I am who I am.” Lil Kim was more willing to discuss her current thoughts about finding love with a possibility of getting married. She went along by saying if it happens, it happens and she is not going to fight it because at the end of the day she feels as if she can have both.
Do you think people should discontinue talking about Lil Kim’s appearance?

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