Wedding Bliss: Cutting Costs Without Compromising The Dream Day

Your wedding day should be one of the greatest experiences ever. It’s a celebration that sees you make a lifelong commitment to your lover, and is also a day that you’ll share with friends and family. Ultimately, it’s a magical moment that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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While you deserve to have the day that you’ve been dreaming about for years, you can’t let it stop progress in other parts of your life. Given that the average wedding costs upwards of $35,000, those financial impacts can be a major problem. The key to finding your happy medium is to reduce the costs without sacrificing your vision.

Here are the five top tricks to help you do just that

Take the DIY Option

Many areas of the wedding preparations can be completed by you. Not only will these jobs save you money, but they’ll also inject a sense of personality and character. Using your choice of wedding invitations can start the savings before the day has even arrived. Meanwhile, you could use friends to create the cake or flower arrangements. Essentially, if you can gain the same result without paying an expert, you should. 

Trade Gifts for Self-Sufficiency

Receiving gifts is a tradition. In reality, though, do you truly need a new cutlery or crockery set? Probably not. So why not ask your main guests such as bridesmaids and best men to pay for their own outfits instead. It saves them the hassle of looking for a present while you get a useful saving rather than additional home items. That has to be good news for everyone.

Book In Advance

Every happy couple will need to use a number of professional services. Whether you’re selecting a caterer or photographer, early booking is advised. Doing this won’t only increase your hopes for a lower cost. There will also be more options available, meaning you’ll get the wedding you want and deserve. Besides, knowing that things are in place will give you a far better chance of relaxing too.

Avoid Friday & Saturday

Did you know that marrying at peak times could bump the cost up by hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars? From venue hires to professional services, Friday and Saturdays can be more expensive. Your closest friends and family can take a day off work while other guests can still attend the evening. Meanwhile, you may want to consider changing the month of the wedding too. Ultimately, the wedding is about the two people tying the knot. If the timing is right for you, that’s all that matters.

Ignore Packages

Theoretically, booking everything under one roof should save you money. But vendors selling complete packages usually cost more money than booking individual elements. For the sake of a few hours researching those options, you could make a huge saving. Again, it puts you in greater control of every detail too. Essentially, that means having your wedding with your rules and on your budget. What more could any happy couple ever ask for?
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