The Essential Six Month Wedding Countdown

Preparing for a wedding can be a very exciting period indeed. However, all that fun and excitement can quickly turn into stress and frustration when you are trying to sort out so many different things for the same deadline. There is no wonder why so many women end up turning into Bridezillas!

However, your wedding organization doesn’t have to end up in complete turmoil. In fact, there are many ways you can make all the hard work beforehand really pay off to create a super day. One of the best ways to stay on top of this is to give yourself deadlines every month for the six months running up to your big day. To help you out, I’ve come up with this essential six-month wedding countdown that should help to keep you on track!

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Six Months To Go

Your wedding still may seem fairly far off in the future, but you can be sure that there is already plenty to do six months before! If you haven’t already booked your venue, you need to do that pronto. Otherwise, your dream venue might get booked up on your date. Now is also the time to start shopping for your wedding dress and all your bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s a good idea to give the dress shopping plenty of time, as you might need to return to the bridal boutique a few times for adjustments and various fittings. Make sure that all your guests will be free on your wedding day by sending out save the date cards now. These aren’t as official as wedding invitations, but they give everyone an idea of your wedding date so that they don’t double book by accident.

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Four Months To Go

You shouldn’t book a photographer for your big day without talking to a few different ones to get an idea of which one has a photography style that suits you and your partner. So, about four months before your day, it’s important that you speak to a few different wedding photographers so that you end up booking one who you are happy with. This will also give you an idea of the kind of fees that your local wedding photographers charge. You should also choose a baker around this time, and start to talk to them about the wedding cake design that you have in mind. Ideally, you baker of choice should offer you a cake tasting session so that you can sample their baking and ensure that their flavors are up to scratch. Are you and your partner hoping to go away for your honeymoon shortly after the big day? If so, you better check your passports now. If they are out of date and need renewing, you should have plenty of time to get all that sorted out now before you jet off.

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Three Months To Go

Traditionally, the hen party took place just a few nights before the wedding. But these days, more and more brides decide to have their big party a couple of months before their wedding. Generally speaking, three months before the wedding is the ideal time to plan the hen party. Or, should I say, you should let your bridesmaids know that they should organize the hen do for three months before the wedding! It is also important that you book your transport for the book day around this time. Remember that you will need to arrange a limousine or other fancy car to take you and your new husband from the church to your reception. But it is also necessary to consider hiring transport for your guests. This is especially the case if you are getting married in a remote location where there won’t be taxis for them to take.

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Two Months To Go

Seeing as you sent out your save the date cards a couple of months ago; your guests won’t be too surprised when your invitations land on their doormat just two months before the big day. Don’t forget that you should specify whether they are invited to the whole day or just to the evening party. Most couples invite more people to the evening do, as churches and other wedding ceremony venues have limited seating space. It is also time to decide on who will do your hair and makeup. Book a few different trial sessions with stylists and makeup artists so that you can decide whose style you prefer.

One Month To Go

If you need to get a marriage license or some other documentation before you can get wed; you should start arranging that one month before you are due to get married. This ensures that there is enough time for all the correct paperwork to go through. You should also arrange an appointment with your bridal bouquet for the final gown fitting session. If your dress comes with a bustle; the girls in the shop will teach you how to take it on and off properly without damaging the dress.

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One Week To Go

The big day is almost here, but there are still many jobs that need to be done! First of all, you need to plan the seating plan for the wedding breakfast. Most couples decide to seat guests next to others who they already know. But if you like the idea of your guests mingling with each other and making new friends; you might want to mix things up a bit! Some wedding venues also offer couples the chance to practice their wedding ceremony. If your venue offers this service; it is a good idea to book it in for a week before the wedding. Make sure everyone in the wedding party are able to come; as it will help show everyone what they need to do. It is also time to pick up your wedding and bridesmaids dresses, and get your hair trimmed so that you look uber smart on the big day!

Make sure your wedding organization doesn’t get on top of you. Sticking to this wedding countdown checklist should help you stay chill!

The Essential Six Month Wedding Countdown



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