What You Need To Know About Wearing Top-To-Toe Pastel


In the vast ocean that are summer trends, aside from prime colors, pastels have managed to stand out and take center stage. The peculiar thing is, there was always this notion of pastel hues being too feminine, frilly, gentle and delicate; these looks were essentially considered haute couture, and not something a real woman who runs off to work, runs errands, goes to the gym could actually pull off.

Well, designers have certainly proved us wrong. With the choice of fabric and variety of garments they created, pastels are now undoubtedly for everyone, but since wearing a look that is basically head-to-toe pastel is kind of unchartered territory. There are certain dos and don’ts that you ought to be aware of and abide. After all, you probably have no intention of looking like a cupcake, ice-cream or anything from the desert family. Let’s make sure you get the most out of one of the most coveted trends and end up walking out the door looking ultra-chic and well put-together every single time.

red bottoms

Make it work at the office

With the return of the power suit, it has never been easier to look both trendy and sharp at work, and since it’s not just an office trend, you can take it to after work drinks and still look incredible. Now, we have seen multiple shades, ranging from strawberry milkshake pink, pistachio gelato green, Palma Violet purple and lemon posset yellow do their little turn on the catwalk, but real people need to introduce an extra little something in order to make pastels work in real life. This is where heritage checks come in real handy, as the conservativeness of the pattern works to make the pastel suit look more grown up and professional, especially for slightly oversized and double-breasted blazers.

With this kind of pastel suit, you can even pull off pastel slingbacks and a nude solid tote. Also, remember that one of the most important elements of a great suit is great tailoring, so you can actually wear the most gentle of pastels, but with structured tailoring– case in point, Michael Kors’s suits, you have nothing to worry about. Just to be on the safe side, do go with a white shirt or button up for the office.

bubblegum pastel

Mix and match

One of the best things about having great separates to work with is that you can create the most inspired outfits that will literally stop traffic. For instance, start with pistachio gelato green trousers – wide-leg are better as they allow more movement. Add an element of surprise with the least ‘pastel’ of the pastels – millennial pink blouse, and top the look off with a powdery blue blazer. In case the summer heat renders the blazer unnecessary, you can always replace this ‘missing’ pastel with a pair of powder blue loafers and own the street style.



The safe bet

One can never go wrong with jeans, correct? They are timeless and can be the base for wonderful additions. Now, the news when it comes to amazing women’s jeans is that they too are now available in pastel hues, and there are two ways of going about creating a flawless look.

First, make sure your pastel top isn’t either from the blue or the pistachio green family as then you will look like a bowl of ice-cream. Regular white tees are your best friend, or you can go monochromatic with a tee in the same shade as the jeans, but stir things up with a dusty muted blue blazer. Now, you can take the athleisure route and opt for a pair of sneakers or you can elevate the look with a chic pair of white block-heel mules. Diversity is key with casual separates, always remember that.


Your work is not done

If you think that you can just put on a pastel dress of any cut and length and your work is done, you are sorely mistaken. When wearing something as simple and effective as a dress, you generally don’t need to add much, but somehow pastel dresses give off this ‘unfinished’ vibe if not accompanied by the right accessories. Here, it is best to turn to vivid colors, particularly in the bag department, so if you’re, for instance, wearing a lilac dress, you might want to consider a bright yellow purse and even Ultra Violet pumps to make the look more interesting. A pastel dress in real life can actually look fairly dull if you don’t spice it up with a splash or prime color.

pastel champagne

Finally, stay away from hues that wash you out – always take your skin tone into consideration. For instance, don’t wear pale pastel yellow if you’re a blond with a warm skin undertone – you’ll be practically invisible. Apply this strategy when you shop, because experimenting with separates is always fun, just make sure you stay away from the color that makes it seem like you’re transparent.


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  • Jessica - Queen Sapphire

    I don’t usually wear pastel often but I am loving nudes at the moment, which is something I always thought I couldn’t possibly pull off. I loved your post

    June 8, 2018 at 6:59 pm Reply
  • Jordan

    I work in an office full of women and were constantly pastel-ing out! Three of us have the same pastel green blazer haha.

    June 16, 2018 at 2:11 pm Reply
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