Transform Your Overweight Body In Under A Month

Many people who want to lose weight, want results fast. If people are looking to transform their overweight body, there are plenty of options to help do this in under a month. Transforming the body can be difficult to start with but if they stick to a strict diet and exercise program; it can happen. The more excess weight someone has, the easier it is to lose weight. If someone is severely overweight, they will start to see a difference in the first 1 to 2 weeks if they improve their diet and increase physical activity levels.

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Just small changes to a bad diet will help transform an overweight body to help drop weight fast. Many people who are overweight will often have bad diets. Making small changes to their eating habits will improve their diet and weight loss journey. Aiming to transform an overweight body is not impossible in under a month if they can make the right changes to their diet. Substituting certain food and drink items in a diet can help people drop the pounds fast. When on a diet, he or she should definitely cut out sugary drinks which include fizzy soft drinks and concentrated fruit juices. Replace these drinks with tea, coffee and water to help detox the body and lower the sugar intake for the body. Processed food should also be avoided where possible, as these are full of un-natural fats. A diet should be full of natural, unprocessed and whole foods like fruit and vegetables, rice and chicken.


As well as a healthy, balanced diet, exercise is a great way to transform an overweight body. Most people do not exercise for the recommended daily amount of 30 minutes per day. This is particularly problematic amongst overweight people. By exercising and raising the heart rate for 10 to 30 minutes a day, people can easily lose weight. It might be difficult for someone who is overweight to get into an exercise routine however if they are determined to transform their body in under a month, they need to stay committed. Creating and planning an exercise program is a great way to stick to a routine and allow he or she to motivate themselves to exercise and lose weight.

Side Effects

As mentioned, people who are trying to lose weight often want fast and quick results. People may have an event that they want to slim down for such as a wedding, holiday or family celebration. Although a quick change in a diet and exercise will help transform an overweight body, if someone is severely overweight and loses a drastic amount of weight quickly; it can cause some side effects. A side effect of losing weight is sagging breasts which often occurs when a drastic amount of weight is lost from the body. Overweight women work extremely hard to lose weight but unfortunately; it often doesn’t always end in perfect results for the body. If a woman suffers from sagging breasts due to weight loss; it can affect their confidence. An option to fix this is to get breast augmentation. This is a cosmetic surgery treatment for sagging breasts and if you believe this is an option for you then read more online from Dr Ellis Choy.

It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery is an option to fix and improve problems due to weight, however, there is a long recovery time. If a woman is looking to transform her overweight body in under a month, they need to remember that recovery from breast surgery is a minimum of 10 to 14 days.


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  • Madhu

    Thank you for pointing out the side effects. Most of the people forget about loose skin and sagging breasts. Also, including some extra protein is proving beneficial for me

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