The People Who Will Make Or Break Your Wedding Day

There are oh so many details that go into making a wedding day an unforgettable experience. Most of the time, these days ARE unforgettable, but – and this has to be said – it’s not always memorable for positive reasons. Sometimes, something happens that makes the day take a turn for the worse, and it’s not always because of the weather. Take a read of the people involved in your wedding day who can make or break the event, and do your best to make sure they’re influencing proceedings for all the right reasons.

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Your Immediate Family and Friends

Your wedding day begins long before the ceremony. After all, you can be planning this thing for years, and it’s not always – actually, make that rarely – easy. As such, your close friends and family are going to be invaluable on the journey towards your trip down the aisle. They’ll be there to help you pick your wedding dress, help arrange all the small logistical matters, and talk you down when you’re beginning to feel the strain. Of course, if they’re close to you, then you’ll probably already trust their judgment…

The Guestlist

Sure, the wedding ceremony will be good…but everyone knows that the real highlight of the day is the party. For that to be a success, you need to do more than make sure the drinks are flowing and the tunes are good; you need to have an audience who are in the mood to have a good time! It’s no easy matter, deciding who makes it onto the guest list and who doesn’t, and it’s because of the reason we just mentioned. When you’re putting it together, make sure there’s space for those people who you know will always bring the fun.

The Professionals You Work With

You’re not going to do everything by yourself. To make your day as special as possible, you’ll need to work with the professionals, the people who have been involved in plenty of weddings before, and know exactly how things should look, feel, and taste. But of course, not all professionals are created equal, so make sure you’re working with the best. For your flowers, work with a company like Simply Elegant. For the music, hire a DJ who’s open to suggestions, and who has a track record of getting people on the dancefloor. For your food, it’s important that you have a taste of what they’re going to provide in advance; you can only blame yourself if you don’t, and it turns out to be tasteless!

The “Has to be Invited” Family Member

We talked about putting together the guest list before, but there’s another angle that may influence the day: that family member who has to be invited, but who might just cause problems. If you have a family member like that, then the best thing you can do is recruit another family member to keep an eye on them and be willing to have them ejected if they cause too much of a scene.


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