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Using Plantation Shutters for Your Interior

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Home improvement can be done any time of the year. We no longer have to wait on the Christmas season when families are coming over anymore to decorate our homes. Perhaps you might want to decorate around your windows by using plantation shutters, renovate the kitchen, place recessed LED light throughout your living area, change around your bedroom or bathroom.

Installing plantation shutters is an excellent improvement to homes. It brings out the overall aesthetic of your home making it more stylish, comfortable and beautiful. These shutters can do a lot for your home improvements as there are many styles to select from and other added benefits.

10 Benefits of Using Plantation Shutters

  1. Plantation shutters are made from materials that resist the growth of mold and mildew. It is not susceptible to water damage and it keeps moisture from locking in.
  2. They can be easily maintained by using a duster or a mild liquid soap water to dust and wipe away any form of debris.
  3. Plantation shutters will last a lifetime as it is made from durable materials that will not fade, stain, peel or warp.
  4. It allows for more air and natural lighting to enter your room while providing privacy for your home.
  5. You can customize to fit your liking by selecting the colour, louver size, tilt option and frame. This gives you the option to find a shutter and window that suits your home.
  6. Very good for noise control. It reduces the noise level from surrounding areas.
  7. It gives light control as you can tilt them in the direction to prevent excess or low light.
  8. We all need privacy in our homes. Plantation shutters allow for ultimate privacy.
  9. Energy efficient – thermal benefits that help to keep the room cool during the warm months and retain the heat during winter time. No need for using up extra utilities.
  10. Perfect investment for your home which includes quality and versatility for your home improvement.

Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating around Plantation Shutters

  • Do choose curtains that will prevent the shutters from looking cumbersome. If the shutters open inside the room pair it with curtains that will position properly.
  • Don’t block shutter area with large pieces of furniture consider the size and style of furniture before placement.
  • Do consider the shutter opening area. Avoid curtains that will interfere with the opening and closing of shutters. Consider tieback installation to the sides to keep curtains out of the way when necessary.
  • Don’t find it necessary to have curtains hanging all the time. Plantation shutters can be used alone for beautification purposes. Just simply leave them unadorned.
  • Do consider drapery when selecting curtains. Hanging drapery works well with plantation shutters. Top treatments and valances can also be used in the space of drapery.
  • Don’t use curtains that do not match with your shutters. Instead, select colours that blend well and gives an elegant and chic look.

* It is important to consider how your windows will open before decorating them. Take this into consideration before planning out how to decorate your shutters.

Things to consider before installing plantation shutters

Before installing plantation shutters take into consideration the specific details of your home. Think of how and where you want to place it, the style and colour that will match your furniture and overall layout of your home. If the premade plantation shutter is not exactly how you want it then I’m sure that you can think of a DIY idea that will suit your needs and benefit you. Pinterest is a great website for inspiration for home improvements. Check it out and be inspired by the thousands of ideas provided. If you choose to install shutters by yourself ensure to watch a tutorial or ask for a specialist help beforehand. It might seem difficult at first but it should be easy once you getting the hang of it by listening to your specialist or reading the step-by-step guide.

Implement these tips when thinking of your home improvement whether you are redecorating or moving to a new home. I hope these tips are beneficial to you and others. Feel free to share these tips and share and comment additional tips below in the comment section of this post.


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  • Penelope Smith

    I have been thinking about getting some plantation shutters installed on my home this summer. I liked that you pointed out that they are made out of a mold resistant material. That is great for me to know because it rains a lot where I live and I don’t want to deal with mold on the shutters.

    January 22, 2019 at 10:54 pm Reply
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