Here is how you can Prepare yourself for a Tarot Reading

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For a tarot reading, doing a reading comes easily if you are well prepared before the reading. You might feel anxious and overwhelming before the start of the reading but if you remain calm and approach the reading with an open mind, the best reading will come to you. Both the reader and the querent need to do certain amount of preparation before a reading. It is not about preparing your mind for the worst, but preparing it for the best.

Tarot reading is an art and it should be taken in that form only. It should not be considered as a definite answer to your life. You need to understand that the reading is going to guide you in your life ahead but it is not a sure shot solution to everything you might be facing currently. Each one of us face problems in our life, we have to deal with physical, emotional and financial stress. When the problem become to big to manage ourselves, we head to look for solutions from a tarot reader. It is not necessary that you can only get a tarot reading done if you are stressed out or facing certain problems, you can also get a general reading done for your satisfaction.

Every reading will help you in one way or the other. It is a form of energy that will pass into your body and you will feel refreshed, energetic and positive at the end of the reading. Never ever approach a reading with a closed mind. You need to keep your mind open for all possibilities and take the reading as a step towards moving closer to your dreams and goals. With a right mindset, you can enjoy a better reading for both the parties. A reading should never be done in haste. It is obvious that you want to to know the answers to your questions at the earliest but you need a focused mind and concentration for an efficient reading. Approaching the reading with a scattered agenda will lead to lack of clarity in answers.

Here is how a reader can prepare for a reading.

  • The reader should be well rested. There could be a lack of concentration if the reader is tired. The reading will not be satisfactory for both of the parties.
  • The reader needs to be sober. It is advisable to not consume any caffeine before the reading. It is important to remain present and active.
  • Before opening the practice for the day, it is essential to meditate for a while. Even a walk can be really helpful.
  • Energy will help the chakras inside the body attain balance and this will improve the reading.
  • Maintain a quiet office or use soft music if that helps. Kids and dogs should not be present in the area because the reader needs to focus.
  • Take multiple deep breaths.
  • The reader should give an oracle card to the client to read before they begin to work together. It will allow the client to clear their mind and take time off other things occupying their brain.
  • Always remain present at the time of the reading. By being present, it means emotionally present. The reader should cancel a reading in case of ill health.
  • Always maintain a clean space before the client arrives. Use a candle or open a window to get into the groove. A cluttered, messy space is not going to help in the reading.

Here is how a querent can prepare for a reading

  • You might feel anxious if it is your first reading but never get a reading done if you are freaking out. You will not be able to focus and an aggressive mindset will not lead to the right results. You will only hear what your mind wants to hear. Instead, wait for a while and prepare yourself for the reading.
  • Take time and think about what you seek from the reading. You cannot go for a reading with a blank mind. You need to sit down with yourself and write a list of questions. Never prepare the list in haste, remain patient and think of the answers you seek from the reader. Make sure you include everything you want from the reader. Do not prepare the questions in a single day, give it some time and think over it again and again until you are sure of what you want from the reading.
  • Be sober for the reading. Do not consume caffeine otherwise, you will not be able to remain centered. You need to remain calm and focused to get more clear answers. Do not let your mind wander away, always be prepared and fresh for the reading. You can remain focused by breathing deeply and letting your mind and body relax.
  • Tape the reading to listen to it later. You can also take notes but it can affect your ability to listen deeply. Hence, you can tape it and then listen to it whenever you wish to. It will help you keep a complete record of the reading for the future. Psychic 2 Tarot will guide you for the reading and will help you achieve the maximum output from the same.

Alternative reading methods

If you are unable to visit a tarot reader in person, there are multiple alternatives you could choose from.

Phone reading: The same rules apply for a phone reading but it is very important for you to have quiet space around you so that you can remain mentally present for the reading. Since you are in a different environment from that of the reader, you need to ensure that you are relaxed and have a comfortable and quiet place from where you can speak on the phone. If there is a lot of noise in the background, you will not be able to hear anything.

Further, you also need to ensure that the reader is in the same space for the client and there is no background noise or disturbance. You need to cut out any distractions and focus on the reading. It is advisable to avoid a phone reading when you are in the office as you will end up checking emails or talking to another person while the reading is going on. Unless you cut out all the distractions and focus on the reading, you will not be able to achieve the purpose. You need to be present in every manner.

Email reading: Another alternative is an email reading where you get a reading done via an email. You can take time to formulate the question and you will have to be as clear as possible because you are not sitting across the reader. Do not mix up a lot of questions as it will lead to confusion. You can also send a picture of yourself to the reader for them to focus on. When you are doing an email reading, you need to ensure that you are focused and there should not be any distractions around you. You need to follow the same careful measures like those in a phone reading.

The most important criteria for a good tarot reading is to have a clear mind and be present. Not many can manifest that in time which is why you need to take the above-mentioned steps and prepare yourself for a great experience. Always remain patient and approach the reading with an open and positive state of mind.


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