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How to Impress Clients Visiting Your Office For The First Time

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Besides being a workspace, the design and layout of your office speak volumes about you and your staff members. A beautifully decorated office often indicates creative and artistic employees and staff members. A dull, boring and dilapidated office indicates lazy and disinterested staff members and so on. The first time an important client has to visit your office, it is necessary that he or she is impressed with the surroundings of your workspace. Improve your office space by buying office furniture online. If you have an office where the walls have chipped paint, the flooring is uneven, and other design flaws are prevalent, you may leave a very distasteful feeling in the mind of the client. We have compiled a list of ways that you can decorate your office to leave first-time visitors utterly impressed:

Ensure That Your Workplace Is Clean And Visually Appealing 

No customer or client would like to walk into an office space where old and tattered magazines, books and files and strewn across tables, neither would customers appreciate worn out and old carpets welcoming them into the office. In order to leave a profound and positive impression on the minds of customers, you need to ensure that your workplace is spotless and clean. If you have magazines in the reception area, make sure the magazines are updated on a monthly basis. Files that are not being used should be stored in proper file cabinets. Get rid of rugs and carpets that are old and torn and replace them with new ones. A clean office not only leaves a good impression on the minds of the customers but it also helps in-house employees work and think better and more productively.

Add Festive Decorations To The Office Space

From Christmas to valentine’s day, there is always some festival or occasion to celebrate. Encouraging your employees to participate in such activities can help them be more relaxed and comfortable in the workplace. You can have one area of the office specially dedicated to fun and de-stressing decorations and festive items. A large Christmas tree can be placed in this area of the office during the month of December. Chocolates can be laid out for clients and employees to binge on during Valentine’s Day and so on. Giving the office a relaxed and festive vibe can leave a positive impression on the mind of your clients. Your clients will realize that you are not just a slave driver and that you care about the mental wellbeing and health of your employees too.

Have A Game Room In The Office

Corporate offices across the globe are now dedicating one area of the office space as a game room. Ping pong tables, air hockey tables, board games and other entertaining games are placed in this room. This downtime from stressful work hours helps employees rejuvenate and even interact with each other on less exhausting and mind-numbing terms. When clients and customers see game rooms in your office space, they will be pleased. This indicates that you care about the overall health of your employees.

Install Wall Panels For Added Aesthetic Value

No client likes to walk into an office that has dull and chipped wall paint. Not only can that prove to be an eyesore but it also indicates the lack of interest in the management. To avoid such an embarrassing situation of ugly and disfigured walls, you can opt for beautiful wall panels to enhance the aesthetic value of your office space. Wall panels are available in different styles, patterns, colors, and materials. You can get beautifully designed 3D wall panels for your office reception area. The PVC wall panels can be installed in the restroom or bathroom area of the office. Wooden wall panels can be used to enhance the aesthetic value of the cabins and so on. Not only are these panels affordable but they do an excellent job of covering wall flaws and are also extremely long-lasting.

Install A Mini Library In Your Office Space

Reading is an effective way to increase knowledge on any matter. You can install a small library area and stack it up with literature that is related to your business. When in a crisis or an uncertain situation; employees can resort to the books and magazines to find answers and solutions. Spotting such a library in your workspace will build the confidence of clients. Clients will begin to believe that the employees work hard and work towards constantly increasing their knowledge and skills of the business and the trade.

Reduce The Amount Of The Old Age Furniture

Most people at fed up with 9 to 5 desk jobs. Nobody enjoys sitting like a zombie for hours on end in front of a computer screen. You need to get rid of or reduce the number of old school desks and chairs in your workspace and replace them with modern adjustable desks; more comfortable chairs that provide adequate back support and so on. Nowadays you get adjustable desks that can be brought up to the standing height of a person. In the case of such desks; the employee can stand and continue working on his laptop when he is fed up and achy from sitting down at hours on end. Many companies even offer bean bags in certain areas of the office for employees to have a less formal and more relaxed interaction with customers.

Add Art And Color To The Workspace

Another great way to leave a positive impression on the mind of your clients is by installing pretty canvases and other forms of sculptured arts in the office. Art indicates culture and creativity. Clients love to know that the people that they are working with have a creative and unique side to them. Further, artwork can also be extremely inspirational for employees. Looking at vibrant paintings and beautiful sculptures may give the employees motivation and inspiration when they run out of ideas.

Impressing clients is not as complicated a matter as it may come across. Simple and basic tweaks around the office area are a great way to leave a profound and positive impression on the minds of first-time visitors.

Leave your customers, clients and first-time visitors absolutely impressed with the style, elegance and overall vibe of your workspace. These simple and affordable tricks are all. You need to get the job done.


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