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    How to Create a Home WorkStation in a Small Space

    Living in a small apartment can be despairing at times. You might be checking for extra space to fit an item or the space is not big enough to hold a piece of furniture. Nevertheless, you can search for ideas and implement ways to create a space for you. If you are a blogger, student or someone that desires a workstation at home then follow these tips and selections to help you carve out more room:

    small home workstation

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    How to Impress Clients Visiting Your Office For The First Time

    office space

    Besides being a workspace, the design and layout of your office speak volumes about you and your staff members. A beautifully decorated office often indicates creative and artistic employees and staff members. A dull, boring and dilapidated office indicates lazy and disinterested staff members and so on. The first time an important client has to visit your office, it is necessary that he or she is impressed with the surroundings of your workspace. Improve your office space by buying office furniture online. If you have an office where the walls have chipped paint, the flooring is uneven, and other design flaws are prevalent, you may leave a very distasteful feeling in the mind of the client. We have compiled a list of ways that you can decorate your office to leave first-time visitors utterly impressed: Read more

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    Are Fake Lashes Appropriate for Work?

    mink lashes at work

    When getting ourselves ready for work we often ask this question. Is this outfit and/or accessory appropriate for the workplace? The answer can be yes and it can also be no. It all depends on the item of choice and type of working environment. Also, the guidelines of your workplace whether it is an office, salon, spa, bar, restaurant etc. So a question that I often hear is: if wearing false eyelashes is appropriate for work? What do you think? Some people compare this image to a celebrity lifestyle, as it is now a growing trend within the office. It has also been pointed out that celebrities do not work in offices; however, professionals in the office must not follow this trend. Read more