Are Fake Lashes Appropriate for Work?

mink lashes at work

When getting ourselves ready for work we often ask this question. Is this outfit and/or accessory appropriate for the workplace? The answer can be yes and it can also be no. It all depends on the item of choice and type of working environment. Also, the guidelines of your workplace whether it is an office, salon, spa, bar, restaurant etc. So a question that I often hear is: if wearing false eyelashes is appropriate for work? What do you think? Some people compare this image to a celebrity lifestyle, as it is now a growing trend within the office. It has also been pointed out that celebrities do not work in offices; however, professionals in the office must not follow this trend.

lashes at work

Wearing Fake Lashes to Work

I tried wearing lashes for once to work. The worst part was applying the lashes as glue got all over my eyes. Irritating? Yes! Anyhow, I received the most compliment on that day as my eyes were popping. The lashes add volume, length without looking extreme as if I was going to the club or a party. Never once anyone said it is inappropriate though so it all countdown to where you work, and the style of the lash. The eyelashes made my eyes stand out some more, normally without lashes, you can hardly see my natural lashes.

mink lashes, fake lashes

3D Mink Lashes

Lashes shown in picture are London and Violet.

The London lash has a thin line so it looks more natural. If you have thick natural lashes the thin line eyelash will work perfectly with your natural lashes as it blends in.

These are 3D mink lashes. They are easy to apply. I used the DUO glue to stick the lashes to my eyes. The only thing you have to wait about 5 secs to allow the glue to dry and set in before you apply the lashes. Or else it will not hold properly. Give the glue sometime to become tacky before you apply the lashes.

If you want to learn more about how to apply fake eyelashes then read here.


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  • Yeka Asumah

    This is a great post, I don’t wear lashes often cause it get uncomfortable for me.
    A good mascara and an eyeliner is sure to make my eyes pop

    September 24, 2018 at 10:59 pm Reply
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