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    3 Ways to Refresh Your Workwear Wardrobe

    If you feel as though your workwear wardrobe could do with a little refresh, then there are some easy ways to do so. You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new collection of clothes, although if that’s what you want to do, go ahead! You can easily update your workwear looks by adding a few new pieces and re-working what you already have. We’ve popped some ideas below on how to refresh your look and feel a little more inspired when you go to work.

    workwear wardrobe

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    Are Fake Lashes Appropriate for Work?

    mink lashes at work

    When getting ourselves ready for work we often ask this question. Is this outfit and/or accessory appropriate for the workplace? The answer can be yes and it can also be no. It all depends on the item of choice and type of working environment. Also, the guidelines of your workplace whether it is an office, salon, spa, bar, restaurant etc. So a question that I often hear is: if wearing false eyelashes is appropriate for work? What do you think? Some people compare this image to a celebrity lifestyle, as it is now a growing trend within the office. It has also been pointed out that celebrities do not work in offices; however, professionals in the office must not follow this trend. Read more

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    What To Style On A Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

    When it comes to raising money at work, fancy dress days are always a lot of fun. But sometimes, your office will pick out crazy costumes that you just don’t want to get involved with. So, it’s often a good idea to suggest your own. And a winning choice will always be a wear your pajamas to work day! Why? Because you get to stay comfortable all day, of course! Read more

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    It’s the Small Things: Careers For People Who Love Attention to Detail

    We all have different skills. Some people have a natural talent for communicating with others; other people love to work with their hands. For some people, there’s no greater joy than diving deep into a project and making sure that every aspect and inch is perfect. We can call those people the ‘fine point workers,’ the ones that love focusing on attention to detail. And luckily for those people, this a skill that’s high in demand! Below, we take a look at four careers that’ll have you pouring over the fine points, trying to bring everything together.

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    Exploring In Their Shadow: Professional Profiles & Keeping It Unique

    Over the last couple of centuries, the ways that humans entertain themselves have changed to a huge degree. Nowadays, rather than relying on people who present television as their job, a lot of travelers are looking for content produced by people already away performing a complex role. People in these positions can often be some of the most influential of all, with their reach going further than celebrities in any other area. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that their travel advice will be any good, and you will need to take the right action before you explore on their terms. Nancy Behrman walks into this professional shadow as an influencer.

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    How To Stand Out and Get Noticed At Work

    Our jobs aren’t just places we go to put in some hours, return home, and get paid once a month. They’re extensions of ourselves, and as such, it’s important that we throw ourselves into our positions with all the gusto and enthusiasm we can muster. However, while your career success is mostly down to your own efforts, it also depends on the people around you and above you in the office. In other words, if you want to get ahead, then you need to be noticed while you’re at work. If you feel like you’re constantly being overlooked, or that you don’t really feel a part of your working environment, then read on below. Your future success may depend on.

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    10 Ways To Enhance Your Work Look

    Enhancing your work wardrobe is a great move if you want to make sure you look polished and put together every day. Wherever you work, whatever kind of job you do, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to put yourself together. When you look put together at work, not only do you give off a better impression, you tend to have a better mindset and mood towards your work too. This means you’ll likely get far more done, and feel much better about it!

    With this in mind, the 10 pointers here will help you to enhance your work look. Read on to find out more…

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    Your First Year in Business

    It’s not for everyone, but if you’re the right kind of person, starting your own business can be one of the most liberating, exciting experiences of your life. It frees you from having to work for anyone else, and, ideally, means you can pursue your ambitions as far you like without being limited by the structure and hierarchy of another organization.
    It can also be extremely challenging: while you don’t have to report to anyone, no one else is responsible for your success or failure. This sort of pressure can weigh heavily on you: risk of running a business is not just financial but to your relationships and peace of mind.
    Image source: Pexels
    Help is at hand here with our guide to your first year in the world of business: making a good start will put you in a better position into your second and third years and beyond.


    It can take some time before your business becomes profitable: for a while, you may be paying it before it starts paying you.
    It’s wise to make sure you have some savings to cushion you in this initial period of set up before you’ve established a customer base or the key, high spending clients you need to pay the bills. Most advice indicates a year’s worth of savings will be sufficient but think carefully about your own situation before making a decision.


    You’re likely going to need some extra space. Whether you’re starting a small retail business from your bedroom or a big salon in the middle of a town, you’ll have products and inventory you need to keep safe.
    While it’s possible you have the space in your home or premises, it’s also worth looking into somewhere off-site to keep your extra materials. If you’re looking for a storage facility London has many to offer to suit your needs, and don’t forget to compare quotes to ensure you’re getting the best price.

    Working Smart

    If you’re working from home it can be difficult to draw the line between work and relaxation. Pushing yourself to burnout because you can’t stop working isn’t a healthy way to run a business for a year or longer.
    Make sure you set a routine for yourself to ensure you stop when you need to, and relax. This will give you the resilience you need to keep your business running successfully for as long as you want it
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    How you can make Money with an Online Business

    There are jobs all over the place. From fast food restaurants to a desk in a high rise, there are always people looking to hire those looking, but that doesn’t mean that we need to jump on any job that we see. As this world gets more and more internet based, it is a smart decision to learn more about online businesses. Not only will you be able to have a job and make money, but you get the chance to spend more time with friends and family and even make your own hours, as well. Are you wondering how you can start making money online?! Here is a list that can get you started:

    Online Jobs Online Business

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    Changing Your Life for the Better – Getting That College Degree

    college degree


    Going to college means slowly entering adulthood. That part of your life will start sooner or later, so you might as well be prepared for it. Investing in higher education opens up a whole new dimension, offering an important insight into the world you didn’t know existed. Things like hard work, experience, and intellectual pursuit are crucial elements of being a college student and a responsible adult, so you can see how a university degree is more than just a paper. It’s your passport through life, a chance to go further. Whether you’re a young girl ready to conquer the world or someone who wants to advance in their field of work or you just simply need to finish something you started many years ago, getting that college degree is always the right choice. Here are just some of the advantages higher education brings to the table.

    Building your Self-Esteem

    Now that you’ve finally finished college, you can look back on all the hard work and long hours you’ve invested into getting there. It’s a big accomplishment and a huge boost for your self-esteem. During your time in college, you had a chance to grow both socially and professionally by building relationships with professors and your fellow students. Also, many of the courses are specifically designed to teach graduates how to face challenges with confidence, some of which include developing important skills like goal-setting and conflict management. All those will really come in handy when you start looking for a job or a promotion and be sure that the first thing your employers will notice is your self-esteem.


    Job Opportunities

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Between 2004 and 2014, almost 14 million job openings are projected to be filled by workers who have a bachelor’s or higher degree.” Those are some big numbers. And the first step you can take towards being one of those prospective candidates is enrolling in college and getting that degree. The process itself involves a lot of hard work, so in order to maximize your chances of getting into the best school possible, you should seek help when preparing for challenging university admissions. By getting into and finishing some of the top schools out there, you’ll definitely be at an advantage when applying for the desired position.

    Higher Income

    No surprise there, a college degree provides an opportunity for a significantly higher income than a high school one does. National Center for Education statistics shows that employees with college degrees make over $15,000 more a year than their non-graduate colleagues. So, if you’ve started but never finished or you’re thinking about enrolling into the university in order to advance your career, you should definitely do so because chances are you’ll be making 30 percent more money, which should be motivating enough.

    college degree


    College is also important for making connections which will have a profound influence on everything you do for the rest of your life. Your fellow students, professors and their assistants may all help you during your rising career path. Their recommendations and advice can make a huge difference when it comes to landing that desired position. You never know who will become who and keep a good relationship from the start can prove to be highly beneficial in the future.

    Considering all the things above, it’s very clear that one of the most important things you should be investing in is higher education. Not only will it improve the quality of your life, but it will also benefit your overall state of mind, making you more confident and ready to face any challenge life throws at you.

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    Essential Items to Bring While Traveling

    To avoid the nerve-wracking cycle of packing and unpacking that almost every trip away entails, it is helpful to be aware of the items that more experienced travelers consider are absolutely necessary for traveling. Ensure these items are at the top of your packing list.


    11 Essential Items for Every Traveler

    As much as every trip is different, here are the items you should always bring with you when traveling:

    1.     Versatile Luggage

    You will want to use luggage that is durable, lightweight and is large enough to carry all your essentials. Lugging around travel bags with broken handles or wheels is no picnic. Ensure you buy your luggage from trusted companies that provide warranties for their bags. Look at websites like Luggage Direct to have an idea of the many types of bags available and pick luggage that is versatile while meeting your particular needs.

    2.     Travel Documents

    When it comes to traveling, you can forget to bring all else except your travel documents. You can buy a travel document organizer to help you carry these documents in one place. You can carry some extra money in most document organizers as they have slots for coins, cash bills, and credit cards. For seamless international travel you will need:

    •        Your Passport and Visas
    •         Travel Tickets
    •         Loyalty Program Cards
    •         Hotel Reservations
    •         Emergency Contacts
    •         Cash and Credit Cards

    Before you leave, check expiration dates for your passport, visas and credit cards, and make copies of all these important documents in case the originals get lost.  Many countries require that there be at least six months’ validity left on passports to permit entry.

    3.     Travel Health Kit

    Carry a travel health kit that contains any prescription meds that you are on, plus pain and fever relievers. Take medical notes from your doctor if you have any special health conditions and the prescriptions for the medications you will be carrying. Many countries require that you show these prescriptions if you are selected for a customs inspection on arrival. Remember that most countries do not accept prescriptions from overseas, and many medications have different brand names in different countries, so it is best that you include all that you need in your travel kit for the period that you will be away.

    4.     A Day Pack

    A small collapsible bag, which fits in your luggage, will come in handy for day trips once you are at your destination. You can use it to carry your gadgets, water bottles, guidebooks and folding umbrellas among other things you will need during an activity away from your hotel. It will also be useful for carrying any extras that you buy on your way back home.

    5.     Flashlight

    A lightweight LED torch is a necessity especially if you plan to do some camping, or venture into caves, or if there happens to be an electricity outage at your hotel. Carry a flashlight that has durable and rechargeable batteries.

    6.     Universal Travel Adapter Plug

    Until the world adopts a single AC power standard (which is probably unlikely), every traveler has to carry adapters to charge their devices. Get an all in one universal adapter or, if you are traveling to only one country, you can check what plug is used in the country you intend to travel to, and buy the cheaper single-type adapter for that country.

    7.     Plastic Storage Bags

    Plastic bags will be useful when you want to protect any of your items from moisture. You can also use them to carry damp clothes or to separate dirty clothes from clean ones. Clear zip-lock bags will help you keep your suitcase organized especially if you will be changing accommodation often which will require packing and unpack several times.

    8.     Ear Plugs

    For sound sleep on your flight, quality earplugs will help to drown out the aircraft sounds and any noisy passengers. You can purchase flight earplugs that will help reduce the discomfort that comes with changes in air pressure during flights.

    9.     Bungee Cord

    A mini bungee cord will be helpful in case you damage a suitcase or a zipper gets broken. You can use it to hold your luggage together in an emergency. It can also be a makeshift clothesline if you want to hang wet clothes in your hotel bathroom.

    10. All-Weather Shoes

    Instead of carrying multiple pairs of shoes that will only add to your luggage weight, find a pair that is multi-purpose, durable and waterproof. Keep in mind the activities you will undertake at your destination as you choose which ones to carry. If one pair won’t work, limit yourself to two.

    11. Some Pens

    Bring a couple of cheap pens with you for filling out arrival forms and customs declarations at the airport. You will get through faster when you don’t have to wait for fellow passengers to finish using the ones provided.

    One of the top tips for traveling is always packing light, but the more important advice is packing smart. The tips above will help you avoid the stress of worrying that you might have forgotten something. Remember too that anything you forget to bring – aside from your travel documents – you can buy at your destination. And try to put as many of these essential items in your carry-on. That way, you will have most of your essentials with you in case something happens to your checked-in luggage.