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Top 5 outfits to wear to a wedding – Our wedding musts

If you haven’t been to a wedding, or you’re about to go on one, the biggest issue is usually what to wear. You want to be gorgeous enough for those photos, but not too much that you outdo the bride. Finding the best outfit is a delicate balance between over the top and boring. Sure you could go the traditional way and wear a simple dress with accompanying heels, but you can step out of the basic zone and try something fresh. Here are the top 5 outfits you might want to choose from for that upcoming ceremony.

wedding outfits

Suit up

Yes, try a suit for a change. If you decide on pants, don’t go for a casual pants look. Instead, commit to the look and suit up. Suits are very dressy and command a certain degree of attention. Remember, you’re not trying to outdo the bride, so an all-white suit might be overkill unless the dress code calls for white. A nice fitting suit will complement your feminine figure while still paying tribute to your fierce power. You do not need to over accessorize just because it’s a plain suit. The folds and tailored will add plenty of details to your look. Finish it off with a nice minimalist purse and heels depending on the style of the suit and heel length you prefer.

tulle wedding dress

Try a tulle

Most of the time, we reserve ourselves to plain old boring skirts or dresses when it comes to these occasions. I say we need to add some stylish magic to these events. Make a red carpet showing out of it. Well, you’re not going to get interviewed about who you are wearing or what inspired your look, but you are going to create a positive buzz with your look. The tulle skirt is perfect for such a situation. It will attract just the right degree of attention without making the bride jelly. My favorite wedding tulle skirt as to be the high waisted midi paired with a chic top finished off with some statement heels. This look is sure to turn the right number of heads. It is a combination of elegance and comfort, what I like to call the killer fashion combo.

All black

I appreciate the occasional black outfit. Whether formal or informal, you can never go wrong with an all black get up. Well, you might, but that’s not the point. Black is a flattering color on everyone and goes well whether you chose to accessorize to the max or keep it simple. Some people consider it rude to wear black to a wedding, but black is gorgeous when you style it appropriately. The options are endless, from asymmetric dresses, suits, jumpsuits tulles and even A-line skirts, one of my favorites. If you decide to go with black, make sure everything else complements your look, to give off that fierceness. Like all great outfits, less is more, especially for high-end events like weddings. Don’t try to layer over the black outfit; keep it simple for a maximum wow effect.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Jump into the scene

I love a good jumpsuit. They are a perfect look for informal or formal events, depending on their individual designs. This is what makes them so perfect for weddings. You can get yourself a clean cut bold jumpsuit for the next wedding you plan on attending. A good jumpsuit does what a good suit can do. It commands the right kind of attention without taking away from your gorgeous look. You may want to brace yourself for some stares and occasional glances. If you’re up to it, make your lips as bold as your jumpsuit. If your design is over the top, dress it down with simple makeup, a light lip, a flattering hairstyle, and the works. Remember, it’s a wedding, not a project runway article. You must, therefore, find the line between overly simplistic and just crazy when it comes to jumpsuits.

The fabulous dress

When we say fabulous dress, we mean FABULOUS! Get out of your basic pastel colored zone and try some bold gowns for the next ceremony you plan to attend. I would recommend a nicely fitted dress with complementary cuts. These details to the dress design will do wonders for your look. However, there is a fine line between bold and just plain odd. Choose colors that complement you not scream at the crowd look at me! Try a lovely burgundy or a crimson red. These shades are great for making statements but are careful not to wear the same get up as the bridesmaids; you might end up confusing the entire party. Style your hair and shoes to match the intensity of the dress. If you enjoy the occasional pulled back look with a subtle red lip, go for it, as long as it ties up your whole look.

wedding day shopping

When you decide to go shopping…

It may be that time to start browsing, swiping fitting and waiting for the big day. IM TALKING ABOUT SHOPPING DAY! You may enjoy shopping as much as I do, but do not have the time to go to the store and browse to your heart’s content. Good news is, you can check out all these articles from various stores online and see what you like. You might even get some pointers on how to style your favorite wedding outfit. You might feel a bit overwhelmed, but with the right system, you should go through all your top options and find the best outfit. If you’re an online shopping newbie, there are some sites you can start with for example; you could try Lily Lulu Fashion for tulle skirts and other available sites that offer all of these articles in a wide design variety.

Final word

Going to a wedding isn’t all about the ceremony, its partially about the looks. When you’re preparing your wedding day outfit, don’t just limit yourself to typical wedding looks, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Instead, try these fun ideas to elevate your outfit to 10/10 and give everyone something else to talk about when the conversation gets too monotonous.


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