Tried and Tested Ways To Lower Your Stress Levels

There’s much to love about living in the modern world. We’re generally healthy, we have the capacity for happiness, we can nudge our way towards a good life. However, there are downsides, too. It can be pretty stressful. We’re working longer hours than before, our phones are forever beeping at us, and life just seems to move at a pretty faced pace. In order to stay at our best, we need to take steps to reduce our stress levels. Thankfully, this isn’t a mystery! There are tried and tested methods for keeping your stress levels in check. We take a look at a few below.

reduce stress levels

Run it Out

It can feel like you’ve got a load of pent up energy when you’re stressed, yet there’s no way to release it. It’s just sitting there inside of you, building up and up and up, and boy oh boy, it’s not fun. So why not direct that stress in a more positive direction? Throw on some running shoes, and hit the streets. After an hour of running, the stress will have left your body, and you’ll be basking in the warmth of that post-run glow.

Relax the Body

Sometimes, it’s only after we’ve really relaxed our bodies to we realize just how much tension and stress we’ve been carrying around with us. If you’ve been moving non-stop and you’re beginning to feel a little stressed, then look at enjoying something that has been known to make the body feel good: a massage. At Jasmine Traditional Massage, you’ll receive a traditional Thai massage, which will put your body into a deep state of relaxation. One thing’s for sure: you’ll leave feeling much more relaxed than when you arrived.

Out in Nature

It’s easy to forget that humans have spent most of their time on this earth out in nature, not stuck indoors. Research has shown that just 15 minutes out in the wild is enough to make us feel happier and relaxed. If you’ve been spending too much of your time at the office or on the couch in your home, then it’s time to get back out into the great outdoors. Wherever you live, there’ll certainly be a place nearby where you can take a walk. It’s one of those things that can feel like a lot of effort, but which always pays off — like going for a run.

Calm the Mind

But of course, sometimes life does get a little busy, and it’s just not possible to go out into nature and enjoy all the simplicity of the outdoors. To calm your mind during those times, try your hand at meditation. It’s one of those things that anyone can do, takes next to no time (fifteen minutes is good), yet can have long-lasting effects on your stress levels. Plus, you can do it at home, in the office, in the car — anywhere, essentially. It can take some getting used to, but it’s worth keeping at it. You’ll feel much more relaxed.


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