4 Things You Can Do If You Miss Your Ex

Breakups are hard but even harder is trying to let go after a breakup. That’s why after a breakup, you will find yourself all sulky, and sad, and when someone asks you what the problem is, you will find yourself blubbing something like, I miss my ex. You don’t feel this way because you are weak or obsessive, missing your ex is actually quite normal. After all, this is someone you have shared a part of your life with. This is someone who knows you in an intimate way. But unfortunately, lying on your bed, all sad and lonely will not bring him or her back. You need to move on. Easier said than done right? Well not anymore. Here is a compilation of 4 things you can do if you miss your ex.


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  1. Temporarily disable your social media accounts

It is not uncommon to find yourself trying to stalk your ex on social media. You want to see if they are as affected as you are by the breakup, or if they are going on with their lives just fine.  The unfortunate thing is that you will end up hurting yourself more by stalking your ex on social media. Every time you see their pictures or their updates, you will remember the good times you had together and end up missing him or her even more. To avoid this, temporarily stay off of social media for a while. Find something else that can keep you busy outside of social media, until the strong feelings you have towards your ex are over.

  1. Avoid him or her after breakup

If you were really close to your ex, then you probably know each other’s routine quite well. You know which routes s/he uses every day, and where they are at different times of the day. The best thing to do when you find yourself missing your ex is to avoid routines that you know will place you in the same places with them. You don’t want to bump into each other and stir up old emotions. If you change your routine so as to stay away from your ex, then after some time, you will start to forget about them, and strong feelings, like missing them, will disappear.

  1. Meet new people

After a breakup, it’s always very easy to feel like you will never meet anyone else as good as your ex. You keep reminiscing on all the good times you have had together, which is why you end up missing them in the first place. To avoid this, summon the courage to meet new people. You will be surprised to realize that there is someone out there who is many times better than your ex. Once you meet that person, you will never miss your ex again!

  1. Find a hobby

One of the reasons why you are missing your ex is because; your mind is so preoccupied with your just ended relationship. To avoid this, find something you love and channel your energies there. You can paint, sing, or do anything else that makes you happy. After a while, your hobby will take over your mind and your ex will fade away!


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