Why You Might Not Need to Lose Weight

We all go through phases when we decide that we are too big and need to lose a few inches. You might not be able to get in your favorite dress or be unhappy with how you look in a dress. Weight loss and rigorous dieting; however, might not be the right solution if you only want to lose a few inches from certain places. Find out below what you can do instead of dieting.

Toning Up

If you only need a few inches lost in certain places to fit in the little black dress, you might want to try and tone up instead. This will help you gain strength and build lean muscles. You could start exercising and weightlifting, going to the gym working out every night, but you might not lose the inches. Instead, try some gentle exercises such as Calisthenics and yoga, so you can exercise your muscles and target the fat cells. The dial on the scales might not show the change, but your looks will.

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Get Flexible

You might want to start losing weight straight away, but you must give yourself time. If you don’t see any change in the fists few weeks, you might want to try a different approach. You should also remember that the first thing that you will lose is minerals and water, and not actual fat. If your diet or workout doesn’t deliver the results, it is time to research your options and get professional help.

Accept That You Sometimes Put On Weight

We all let ourselves go sometimes. During Christmas and Easter and while on holiday, you can expect to put on weight, and this is normal. You don’t go out to work every day and do less. Don’t spend the holidays exercising, get a pants button extender instead and lose the weight at the time when it is more suitable for you. If you keep your normal sized clothes, you will see how much you need to lose, and track your progress. 

Do Less More Often

If you never exercised before you might not want to start spending six nights in the gym every week. Try to change little things instead to build up your strength and stamina. Walk instead of driving, take the stairs more often, and take some dancing lessons. You might not even realize that dancing or playing tennis tones up your body. Instead of setting up a strict schedule, have some fun in a way that your body changes with you.

Extra Pounds Might Suit You

You might think that all those who weigh less are more attractive. This is not the case. Some people like found figures, and having the extra pounds and curves might actually suit you. Unless you are seriously overweight and you need to lose weight for health reasons, you might as well stay as you are and remain happy in your skin.

Losing weight should not be the ultimate goal of everyone. Try to accept yourself first and make sure that you don’t starve your body, stay healthy, and work on your fitness and muscles before you start a diet plan.


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