The 3 Aspects Of The Perfect Proposal

Generally speaking, all proposals are amazing moments, and you will cherish it forever. However, there are a few aspects that elevate a simple proposal into the perfect one. Check them out here:
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The Element of Surprise

Proposals are funny in the sense that, when the time’s right, we want to expect one, but we want it to be a surprise. That probably makes no sense at all, but it’s how most of us feel. We get to a point in a relationship where we think ‘yes, I hope he’s going to propose soon’ but, we don’t want to know when ‘soon’ is. We want that element of surprise, we want to be completely caught off-guard when it happens, as it just makes it that little bit more memorable. There’s a huge element of romanticism in a surprise proposal. When we’re surprised, it heightens our emotions and makes us enjoy the moment even more. If a proposal goes down where both people know it’s about to happen, and there’s no element of surprise, it just doesn’t feel as special. It feels too formal, it’s like you’ve scheduled an appointment to get engaged.

The Ring

Everyone dreams of getting presented with some amazing engagement ring when they’re proposed to. They dream of seeing the little ring box come out, and it pops open to reveal a glittering diamond the size of a walnut. Let’s face it, we’ve all spent time on sites like White flash looking at designer engagement rings and wishing one day we get one. Some people say it’s superficial to want a nice engagement ring, but it really isn’t. Yes, you’re happy with the proposal itself and the admission of undying love for you. But, you want a ring that shows they’ve gone to a lot of thought and effort. It shows they really mean it and this isn’t just a spur of the moment thing. They’ve listened to your hints, gone back through Whatsapp conversations looking for all the pictures you posted of rings from years ago and bought something that they know you love. That shows commitment and makes the proposal all the sweeter.

The Setting

The setting means everything when you’re getting proposed to. There is no ‘perfect proposal setting,’ so if you’ve stumbled upon this article hoping to find that out, then you’re out of luck! In truth, the perfect setting depends on you as a couple. Ideally, you will get proposed to somewhere that means a lot to the two of you. Maybe it’s the restaurant you had your first date in? Or somewhere you went on a long romantic walk and kissed for the first time? It could even be the hotel room where you said ‘I love you’ for the first time. Regardless, the setting should mean something to your relationship, that’s what makes it special.

If a proposal nails all three of these things, it will be perfect. Now, you can focus on planning your wedding and making that the most special day of your life!

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