Knowing Your Hair Type And The Knowledge For Protecting It

Your hair is unique to you, whatever the natural wavelength is, from straight, curly, wavy, coiled or kinky. Whatever the case may be, taking care of your hair is very important, it’s something that’s biologically gifted to you and is a part of your being. Your hairstyle can reflect your personality and charm, but a style can only exist if the texture of the hair is willing to be contoured and changed. That’s why a healthy head of hair starts with how you feed and treat it. Knowing how to keep it stress-free is sometimes a needle in a haystack search.

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Curly Hair Type

The best way to wash curly hair is to use sulfate-free shampoo. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the most common ingredient in conventional shampoos and is both a detergent and a salt-based cleanser. This is simply too harsh for curly hair and will ruin the spring it naturally has. The hair will become splintered and split off by the ends. Use a cleansing conditioner which blends oils in lieu and always use lukewarm water rather than hot. If you plan on washing your curly hair daily, use pure water or only leave in your shampoo and conditioner routine in for a minute or so. By continuous washing, you rid your hair of its natural protective oils.

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Kinky Hair Type

Despite the thickness this hair type possesses, it’s actually quite fine and fragile. Due to its wiry nature, the structure is inherently delicate. Kinky hair is by far the driest hair type; thus it can be more prone to breaking up and requires a soft touch when styling. Although some people have fallen foul to the misconception that kinky hair doesn’t grow as fast as other types of hair, it’s been proven that in fact it does, but it grows naturally in a zigzag pattern.

Due to this complex structure and fragile nature adults may find their hairline starts to fade further and further backward. In many cases, the immediate remedy is to book yourself into a hair implant clinic. Other ways you can try to prevent this to use a super hydrating conditioner. Prep the hair with a moisturizer before washing with hot water. The natural oils and rich nutrients in the conditioner should avoid the loss of minerals and prevent the hair from becoming dry. Full, hydrated hair is springy and stretchy, this better able to stand up to the harshness of the elements and daily washing habits.

Straight Hair

Straight hair undoubtedly has the most sheen. It’s by far the most naturally resilient hair of all the hair types. It is difficult to damage the structure of the strands; however, this has a downside. Straight hair is incredibly hydrated because of the individual’s sebum which is the natural oil produced in the glands of the scalp. This means the hair will resist any interference with curling irons and kinks because the texture of the hair is very oily. The simple advice to keeping your hair just the way it is should be to avoid constant washing. Rather than a conditioner, use a very hydrating shampoo and skip the second treatment. The last thing you want is for your already oily hair to be even shinier and overly-lubricated.


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  • Barbara

    I can tell that sulfate-free is worth using with any type of hair even the straight one. You should also look for silicone-free and paraben-free products.

    February 19, 2019 at 9:26 am Reply
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