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    L’Ange Hair Ceramic Flat Iron Aplatir Review

    lange straightening iron ceramic flat iron

    There are some moments in life when we choose to wear our hair curly, straight, long or short. I prefer to wear a straight hair when choosing weave as I can achieve many styles with it. With the L’Ange Hair Aplatir Straightener (ceramic flat iron), it is possible to curl and straighten your hair by using the same iron. 

    I start on freshly washed natural hair, dried, spritz with heat thermal protectant spray to protect my hair from any heat damage and sectioned into 2-3 small parts. Then I proceed to straighten my hair at the desired heating temperature and by dividing the already sectioned hair into smaller sections. With 2-3 passes I can straighten my natural hair to resemble a bone straight look.

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    lange ceramic flat iron

    L’Ange Hair Aplatir Straightener (ceramic flat iron)

    The L’Ange Hair Aplatir Straightener (ceramic flat iron) heats up to 450°F. It has a dial for temperature control and an on/off switch for when in use and not in use. The L’Ange Hair Aplatir Straightener has a sleek and portable design which makes it easy to handle, store and safe to travel with. The Flat Iron heats up very quickly and should be kept in a safe area to prevent incidents.

    Brand Listed Features

    ·         100% Titanium Flat Iron
    ·         Negative Ion Technology
    ·         Ergonomic Design
    ·         360° Power Swivel Cord
    ·         Soft Touch Finish

    My Thoughts

    The L’Ange Hair Aplatir Straightener (ceramic flat iron) is easy to use. It heats up fast and should be used along with a heat protectant to prevent any damage to the hair. I received a blush tone flat iron that fits in with my style. The iron has a sleek design that will suites any girl’s lifestyle. The L’Ange Hair Straightener is perfect for straightening and curling hair in your desired style.

    Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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    The Best 10 Herbs That Will Let Your Hair Grow Thick And Long

    Hair loss is very commonly found in people than you might not even imagine. Hair loss and other damages often strike to the people when they are in their mid-life. Some people have the misconception that it is only the males those suffer from hair loss, but also the females are prone to the hair thinning that can often lead to bald spots.

    Whatever is the reason for the hair loss, it is never fun. When there is a hair loss happening, we feel that our self-confidence and self-esteem is being damaged. While hair loss is damaging, but it can certainly be corrected with the different natural herbs mentioned below:

    Herb#1: Fenugreek

    Scientific Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum

    Fenugreek is considered as a natural conditioner. The fenugreek seeds can be soaked in the water overnight and are grounded into a fine paste. This paste is then applied to the hair.

    Benefits of Fenugreek:

    l  Improves blood circulation in the scalp

    l  Promotes in the hair growth

    Herb#2: Indian Gooseberry

    Scientific Name: Phyllanthus Emblica

    Loaded with Vitamin C, Indian Gooseberry helps in the collagen production. Collagen enhances the rate at which the hair grows and maintains strong hair.

    Benefits of Indian Gooseberry:

    l  Promotes the growth of hair and reduces graying

    l  Helps to reduce dandruff and enhance the scalp condition.

    Herb#3: Rosemary

    Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

    Rosemary works best when mixed with a bit of olive oil and is applied directly to the hair scalp. Also, it prevents the hair from graying prematurely.

    Benefits of Rosemary:

    l  Give the nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles as well.

    l  Great to use on thinning hair and balding.

    Herb#4: Peppermint

    Scientific Name: Mentha × Piperita

    From centuries, people have been using oil of peppermint for hair treatment. This includes the prevention of hair and helps to grow faster.

    Benefits of Peppermint:

    l  Stimulates the hair follicles

    l  Helps to bind the roots of the hair to the scalp.

    aloe vera
    Image source: Pexels

    Herb#5: Aloe Vera

    Scientific Name: A. Barbadensis Mill

    Aloe Vera is beneficial for both hair and skin. It helps to maintain the skin and hair smooth and healthy.

    Benefits of Aloe Vera:

    l  Aloe Gel is best for hair growth.

    l  Stimulates blood circulation along the scalp

    Herb#6: Ginseng

    Scientific Name: Panax

    A popular Chinese herb, Ginseng is known to many people for its effects on hair for years. This ingredient is also found in the shampoos and hair tonics.

    Benefits of Ginseng

    l  Stimulates effects on brain and nervous system

    l  Helps in hair growth

    Herb#7: Saw Palmetto

    Scientific Name: Sabal palmetto

    When Saw Palmetto is being used with Stinging Nettle, then the benefits of this herb are greatly enhanced. In this way, the combination of two herbs can get us amazing results.

    Benefits of Saw Palmetto:

    l  Prevents the growth of hormones that cause hair loss

    l  Helps in reducing baldness.

    Herb#8: Lavender

    Scientific Name: Lavandula

    Lavender is commonly used for the amazing smell and to calm your senses. It is recommended to use the Lavender oil on your scalp to soothe yourself.

    Benefits of Lavender:

    l  Promotes hair growth and get rid of baldness

    l  Use lavender oil and get free of tension and headaches, possible causes of the hair loss.

    Herb#9: Calendula

    Scientific Name: Calendula officinalis

    Commonly known as Marigold, it is an abundant source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. It also increases the tensile strength of the hair follicles and shaft.

    Benefits of Calendula:

    l  Nourishes hair and scalp

    l  Improves collagen and blood circulation

    Herb#10: Arnica

    Scientific Name: Arnica montana

    The anti-inflammatory property of Arnica is very beneficial for the maintaining the health of your hair follicles. Arnica can be directly applied to the scalp or in combination with any other oil.

    Benefits of Arnica:

    l  Helps in the control of dandruff

    l  Promotes hair growth rapidly

    Now when you know about all the details regarding the important herbs for the growth of your hair, you can try for any of the above-mentioned herbs as per your requirements and needs. These are natural, so there is no risk of side effects as well.


    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    Author bio:

    Krima Flint is a Health and beauty addict who blogs at CouponsMonk. She likes diet plans because it delivers portion-control food. Also, Fitness conscious. She is the type of geek who loves to write beauty hacks and skin care tips also. Creating a vision for health-oriented beauty.

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    Knowing Your Hair Type And The Knowledge For Protecting It

    Your hair is unique to you, whatever the natural wavelength is, from straight, curly, wavy, coiled or kinky. Whatever the case may be, taking care of your hair is very important, it’s something that’s biologically gifted to you and is a part of your being. Your hairstyle can reflect your personality and charm, but a style can only exist if the texture of the hair is willing to be contoured and changed. That’s why a healthy head of hair starts with how you feed and treat it. Knowing how to keep it stress-free is sometimes a needle in a haystack search.
    long hair, hair type
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    My Transitioning Journey

    transitioning, natural hairstyles

    Rocking a ponytail hairstyle

    I recently went from transitioning to relaxed after I transitioned for 2-3 years, now that I have my hair relaxed I am considering to start my transitioning journey back natural. I miss having my hair in a high puff, twist out etc. even though I enjoy playing around with my relaxed hair but not as much how I love the versatility of my natural hair.

    Why did I start my Transitioning Journey

    My main reason for considering to start transitioning is that I am not pleased with the way my hair is done when it is being relaxed and I experience a good amount of breakage and less hair growth.

    I do have to style my hair on a regular basis, so I would buy several different styles of ponytails to pin onto my hair when I put it in one. I really do miss my high puffs and I wish to achieve it someday.

    Twist out hairstyle, natural hair, transitioning

    Twist out hairstyle

    Last Relaxer

    The last time I relaxed my hair was on the 6th of April and normally my hair would take about 6 weeks before I have a good amount of new growth, so I would say my transitioning journey started around the 9th of May. I am currently 13 weeks into my transitioning journey and so far I have only done one protective style. The first time that I transitioned my hair I had worn protective styles such as weave and braids but this time around I am giving my hair a break from weave and braids and wearing my regular ponytails and twist outs until I find someone that can style my hair as I desire.

    Did you do the big chop?
    How long did it take for your hair to transition fully?
    What made you wanted to go back natural?

    Share your tips with me in the comment box below.