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In a world where people are so obsessed with the way they look, where kids spend more time contouring than enjoying being young, it’s a huge surprise to think of how much we don’t look after ourselves. Take hair for example – we curl it, straighten it, relax it, bleach it, and get annoyed when it won’t do what we want it to do. Caring for your hair will enable you to do what you want to without it snapping, splitting and shedding.

Hair Products

When shopping for shampoo and conditioners do you just grab a brand you’re familiar with? Or do you actually take time to find the products that are right for your hair type? Thin or flat hair would benefit from a boosting shampoo. Dyed hair might need specialized products, and Dry or damaged hair could really do with a moisturizing conditioner with argan oil, it encourages growth and helps heal the hair. If you have sensitive skin or have dandruff, then get a shampoo that helps your skin too. Creating a nourishing base will help your hair all the way through your styling choices.

Heat Protection

Before you apply any heat to your hair – from a dryer, flat irons or rollers, use a heat protecting spray. You can get ones that help to give your hair some volume, and ones that help to keep your hair smooth and silky. The heat protection does just that – it stops your hair getting fried and breaking.


When coloring your hair don’t do it at home. The box dyes look great, but they can go so wrong and will never be as good for your hair as the stuff used at a salon. Find a hair salon and get their advice on how best to proceed. You might find that you can’t go the shade you want without destroying your hair, but they can help you find a look that suits you perfectly. Even worse than dying at home, is relaxing. The chemicals used to relax your hair are so exact – if you mess it up, you’ll burn your hair, and possible your skin. Get a professional to do it for you.


As horrifying as it sounds, let your hair be natural as often as you can. Even if that’s just on a day where you’re staying in. Let it dry naturally, don’t style it other than brush it, and let it just be. And even let your hair be greasy for a day. The natural oils that your hair produces are what makes it grow thick and shiny, and the products we use strip those oils away. So let your hair have a nice oil bath every now and again.


We all like to get our hair out of the way, whether you pull it back into a ponytail, or pin it up into a messy bun. Having your hair pulled up isn’t good for it, and hair ties can pull out your hair. Pulling your hair tight can increase hair loss and damage follicles. We’re not saying don’t do it but experiment with pinning half your hair up, using clips instead of ties and letting your hair do it’s own thing now and again.

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    Hair care has become a difficult task with busy schedule. Thank you for the tips.

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