Surface.Pro Makeup Palette by Beauty Blender

The Surface.Pro by Beauty Blender is a super sleek and modern makeup palette use to download, mix, match and customize makeup. The Surface.Pro Makeup Palette is a very thick acrylic disc that has a five numbered film and storage wells which are used to retain custom makeup mixes.

Instead of using the back of your hand you can simply use the Surface.Pro to find your shade just by holding up the Surface.Pro to your face and match the appropriate color and retain the color in one of the five wells. Makeup mixes often stain the hand and it is difficult to take the color of your hands for a later use but with you can take it off and retain it in one of the five wells.

You can easily apply from the palette to your face using any beauty tool of your choice.
Surface.Pro by Beauty Blender

The Spatula

The spatula is a super soft silicon stick that is flexible, it will not scratch the palette and it makes mixing makeup way much easier. After the creation of custom mixes of makeup simply take the spatula and collect the custom mix from the palette and deposit it into the surface wells to use at a later date.

The Numbered Film

The numbered film that is included should be used to cover the wells so that you can remember your custom mixture by writing on the number what product you used to create that custom makeup.

What can I mix using the Surface.Pro makeup palette?

With the Surface.Pro makeup palette you can mix blushes, lipsticks, foundations, concealers and even lip glosses to get that desired shade. You can simply place your mixture in the wells and use it straight from the palette, the snap lid will also allow you to keep the custom mixes safe, secure and fresh for use at another time.


The Surface.Pro is easy to maintain, it can be used with the blender cleanser or alcohol and tissue. 

Surface.Pro Beauty Hacks

1. To create a custom cream blush, use the and mix the lipstick color of your choice with a drop of liquid foundation.
2. To get that shade of lipstick but no idea where to find that specific color. Mix a shade or two of similar to the color that you are admiring using a lipstick and loose eyeshadow to get that perfect combination. For eg. To make a black lipstick you can use a purple lipstick and mix it together with a black eyeshadow.
3. For a one-step application mix primer and foundation together using your Surface.Pro.
4. Use Vaseline and loose pigments to create a custom lip tint.

5. Mix lip gloss with a drop of peppermint for a fuller plumping lip pout.

The Surface.Pro is available to purchase at Sephora, BeautyBlender website, Nordstorm, DermstoreeBay and several other places. I purchased mine on eBay for $35.

What are your thoughts on the Surface.Pro makeup palette? Would you purchase it or use some other alternatives? Do you own it?


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