6 Styling Hacks That’ll Transform Your Wardrobe

Wherever you look online, you see a plethora of super cool outfits with so little effort made. The thing is, all those outfits you see online are just tiny tweaks that have been made to make a basic outfit to look on fleek. Celebrities do it all the time and the fashion trends that they start to filter down through social media and into our wardrobes at home.

If you’re looking for ways to change a boring wardrobe, you can do it yourself with your own unique twist instead of getting a stylist in to change things for you. There are some amazing styling hacks you can do to change your look and give it something unique, and we’ve got six of them for you right here:

Get to know these easy Styling Hacks 

Checked Shirts

  • There’s a trend for checked shirts on the market at the moment and these shirts can be paired with jeans or skirts. To give them a different look, you could tie the bottom of the shirt to show off your shape and give you a more polished silhouette. This is also a great way to show off a fringed skirt like this one or a sexy pair of skinny jeans.


  • There are those out there who love to accessorize their outfits with scarves, belts and various pieces of costume jewelry. Choose to go a different way by customizing your outfits with fabric patches from Woven Label HK. Plain t-shirts and denim jeans can be totally transformed simply with woven labels that are personalized to you. That family reunion shirt that you make every year for the family Thanksgiving meal can be the best it ever has been!
styling hacks

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  • Upgrade a plain pair of jeans by cuffing them! Not handcuffs, this isn’t a cop show, but turn up the bottoms of the average jeans to give them a different length and a subtle difference that will have people asking how you’ve changed that day! It’s a great way to show off those new Louboutin’s that you’ve been dying to wear out.


  • Go one better with jewelry by layering. Layering is a trick that fashion designers use to give their clothes a better edge, but what about your jewelry? Most people do this with bangles and necklaces, but stacking more rings on your fingers can make your hands look edgy and give you a chance to show off your jewels.


  • Adding a scarf to an outfit – as mentioned earlier – can make a huge difference to your look. There are so many looks to have to wear a scarf, from headbands to wrapping it around your wrist as an accessory. Threading a scarf in a bright colour through the belt loop of dark trousers can give an entire outfit a different look.
tie dye shirt

Image source: Flickr


  • Go back in time a little with some plain white t-shirts and add a little tie-dye! There’s nothing wrong with a psychedelic look and bringing it back can be the one thing that impresses all your friends. Learn how to colour your own clothes on this link here!

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