Don’t Let A Skin Condition Stand In The Way Of Your Makeup Masterpiece

Any girl has a headache with her beauty routine. Finding makeup which works is stressful, and no routine is static. As our skin changes, so too do our makeup needs. As such, the beauty routine is one of the most fluid aspects of appearance.

But, if things are difficult for most women, they’re even harder for those with skin conditions. From eczema to psoriasis; makeup goes from an inconvenience to a nightmare. Whether you’ve been struggling all your life, or are coming to terms with a new diagnosis, the chances are that you’re desperate to make makeup work. There’s no denying that the process will be tough, but that’s not to say makeup is out of your reach. All you need to do is follow these pointers to achieve a beauty routine to rival any other.

Develop a smooth base

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The base is the key ingredient to any makeup routine. If you don’t have a smooth base, no amount of makeup will help. It’s the reason many of us turn to primers before applying foundation. Sadly, in the case of a skin condition, it’s harder to develop a smooth surface. As such, makeup often peels with bad skin. It’s hardly the flattering look you’re after. To get around the issue, do everything possible to get your condition under control. You may have some knowledge already, but you can always learn more about eczema skincare online. This will arm you with the right knowledge to overcome the worst breakouts. It’s also worth visiting a doctor to help lessen flare-ups with creams and so on.

Know your products

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We should all take notice of the ingredients in our makeup, but it’s more important for you than most. The wrong components could lead to pain and even worse issues for your skin. Often, opting for products designed for dry skin will serve well, as hydration works wonders for most issues. It’s also worth staying away from strong chemicals and scents. These can irritate and will worsen the appearance of your skin condition. Make sure to always opt for the most natural products you can find.

A natural application

Talking of natural; it’s best to stick to the natural side of things when applying your makeup, too. No matter how much you clean them, brushes harbor germs and could exacerbate conditions. Instead, wash your hands, and apply makeup with your fingers. This also has the bonus of ensuring you can work carefully around areas which are sore or need attention.

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Remember removal

Your friends might be able to get away with leaving makeup on overnight, but it’s a mistake you can’t afford to make. Failure to take makeup off means your skin is unable to breathe. Clogged pores will lead to even worse breakouts. So, no matter how much you want to climb into bed, it’s essential you take your face off beforehand. Bear in mind that many removal products also strip essential oils from the skin. Instead, opt for natural removers such as coconut oil.

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  • Eco Fashion

    Removing makeup at night! This is the best advice for your skin. If you leave your makeup before going to bed, you can get a lot of problems with the skin. I also recommend the use of organic products, detox cosmetics, masks from natural components. This will also help to make the skin smooth, and apply a good make-up.

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