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    The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette by Juvia’s Place

    The Warrior, Juvia's Place Warrior Eyeshadow Palette Review

    The Warrior by Juvia’s

    When shopping for eyeshadows I like to look for colors that I think I might wear. I also consider if the palette has a bit of matte or shimmer before purchase. The Juvia’s Place Warrior Eyeshadow Palette consists of golds, bronzes and browns. This palette is very much neutral with matte and shimmer shades. It is similar to the Nubian palette but edgier. Born and raised in Nigeria the founder of Juvia’s Palette has improvised ways to share her cultural background by showing them off on makeup palettes. This includes the wide range diversity of the African tribes such as their style and beautiful accessories. As a result, this can be seen by looking at the artwork of each palette and blush and the color selection. Read more

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    5 Reasons Why Removing Makeup Before Bed is Incredibly Important

    removing makeup before bed

    You come home from a long day at work, or night on the town feeling exhausted the last thing you feel like doing is taking your makeup off! It’s so much easier to just fall into dreamland, and after all, you can always wash your pillowcase tomorrow, right?

    “Forgetting” to remove your makeup every now and then isn’t such a big deal, but it gets to be a problem if you’re making it a habit. In a shocking 30 day experiment conducted by The Daily Mail, one woman actually aged her skin 10 years by not removing her makeup! Don’t want that to happen to you? In this article, we are going to share five reasons why removing your makeup before bed is incredibly important. Read more

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    4 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For 2019

    Well, this is it. 2019 is the year you’ve decided to get into beauty. Pretty exciting, eh? Well, except for the fact that there are so many techniques and products that you have no clue where to start. Don’t worry because beauty tips are here! Listed below are some beauty tips that will help you so that you can create a successful beauty regimen.

    beauty tips

    Licensed from Deposit Photos. Image credit is for Subbotina

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    Best Prep and Makeup Tips For Acne Prone Skin

    There’s a myth that people whose skin is prone to breakouts should steer clear of makeup. It makes sense in some ways. Cheaper makeups tend to be cakey, clogging pores, and leaving an oily residue on your skin. Plenty of even higher quality makeup uses silicon, which clogs pores, and natural oils, which can make your skin feel even worse. But it does make for an awful catch-22. If you’re self-conscious about your skin, and you can’t feel comfortable wearing makeup, then what can you do to stop feeling so negative about your skin?

    makeup tips acne prone skin

    The good news is, the myth about acne and makeup seems to be just that. At least, wearing makeup doesn’t necessarily need to make acne any worse. So with that in mind, how can you choose products that will help your skin? The trick is to develop a cleansing routine that clears the oil from your skin and opens your pores, and choosing a foundation that goes on light and even. Read more

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    Don’t Let A Skin Condition Stand In The Way Of Your Makeup Masterpiece

    Any girl has a headache with her beauty routine. Finding makeup which works is stressful, and no routine is static. As our skin changes, so too do our makeup needs. As such, the beauty routine is one of the most fluid aspects of appearance.

    But, if things are difficult for most women, they’re even harder for those with skin conditions. From eczema to psoriasis; makeup goes from an inconvenience to a nightmare. Whether you’ve been struggling all your life, or are coming to terms with a new diagnosis, the chances are that you’re desperate to make makeup work. There’s no denying that the process will be tough, but that’s not to say makeup is out of your reach. All you need to do is follow these pointers to achieve a beauty routine to rival any other.

    Develop a smooth base

    face skin condition

    Image source: Pixabay

    The base is the key ingredient to any makeup routine. If you don’t have a smooth base, no amount of makeup will help. It’s the reason many of us turn to primers before applying foundation. Sadly, in the case of a skin condition, it’s harder to develop a smooth surface. As such, makeup often peels with bad skin. It’s hardly the flattering look you’re after. To get around the issue, do everything possible to get your condition under control. You may have some knowledge already, but you can always learn more about eczema skincare online. This will arm you with the right knowledge to overcome the worst breakouts. It’s also worth visiting a doctor to help lessen flare-ups with creams and so on.

    Know your products

    makeup products

    Image source: Maxpixel

    We should all take notice of the ingredients in our makeup, but it’s more important for you than most. The wrong components could lead to pain and even worse issues for your skin. Often, opting for products designed for dry skin will serve well, as hydration works wonders for most issues. It’s also worth staying away from strong chemicals and scents. These can irritate and will worsen the appearance of your skin condition. Make sure to always opt for the most natural products you can find.

    A natural application

    Talking of natural; it’s best to stick to the natural side of things when applying your makeup, too. No matter how much you clean them, brushes harbor germs and could exacerbate conditions. Instead, wash your hands, and apply makeup with your fingers. This also has the bonus of ensuring you can work carefully around areas which are sore or need attention.

    makeup remover

    Remember removal

    Your friends might be able to get away with leaving makeup on overnight, but it’s a mistake you can’t afford to make. Failure to take makeup off means your skin is unable to breathe. Clogged pores will lead to even worse breakouts. So, no matter how much you want to climb into bed, it’s essential you take your face off beforehand. Bear in mind that many removal products also strip essential oils from the skin. Instead, opt for natural removers such as coconut oil.

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    How to Apply Mink Eyelashes and Review

    A makeup look is never complete until you apply falsies (mink lashes). If you want a bigger pop to make your makeup look and eye features to seem enhance consider applying mink eyelashes. While some will preferably go for the no makeup, makeup look. There are others that cannot live without the big pop and enhance ‘makeup look’ of wearing false eyelashes. Falsies are ideal for a person who does not have nice long lashes and they are excellent for improvisation.

    Adding falsies to the natural eyelashes can be quiet a trouble until you have learned to master the technique of applying lashes. Follow these easy steps to get the hang of applying falsies.

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    3D Mink Lashes, mink eyelashes, falsies, false eyelashes

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    How to Apply Color Corrector

    When it comes on to treating skin conditions and even regular skin discolorations color correctors comes in handy as a very useful makeup tool. To get that perfectly flawless looking skin, using these is helpful as it even out skin irritation and hyperpigmentation in your complexion, including redness or scarring.
    By determining your skin concern it may be the best way to find out which color corrector you should use. For instance, if you suffer from redness or rosacea, then your skin might be red and inflamed. If this is the case, then a color corrector is required, sometimes called a neutralizer, in the color green. The main reason for this is that green corrector will perfectly neutralize deep redness on the skin. This can also be helpful if you have severely inflamed acne. 
    Keep in mind that a color corrector has a heavier coverage than a regular concealer. However, if you wear mineral makeup you can use the powdered version of a yellow color corrector for easy coverage like BareMinerals Redness Remedy. If you have Rosacea, which is often red and inflamed, it is recommended that you use a powdered mineral makeup yellow color corrector; it is gentler on the skin.  
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    How to Apply Mascara to Eyelids?

    mascara wands

    Learn how to apply mascara to eyelids by following these simple makeup tips.

    1. If your mascara is over three months, it’s time to consider replacing it.Your mascara should not be older than 3 months old, 6 months the most. Yes! This is where the bacteria starts. If your mascara begins to dry out the day you open it, and by the third month or beyond, the mascara will not apply smoothly, and it may cause excess clumping, and flake/smudge sooner than usual. Read more