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    How to Apply Mink Eyelashes and Review

    A makeup look is never complete until you apply falsies (mink lashes). If you want a bigger pop to make your makeup look and eye features to seem enhance consider applying mink eyelashes. While some will preferably go for the no makeup, makeup look. There are others that cannot live without the big pop and enhance ‘makeup look’ of wearing false eyelashes. Falsies are ideal for a person who does not have nice long lashes and they are excellent for improvisation.

    Adding falsies to the natural eyelashes can be quiet a trouble until you have learned to master the technique of applying lashes. Follow these easy steps to get the hang of applying falsies.

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    How to Apply Color Corrector

    When it comes on to treating skin conditions and even regular skin discolorations color correctors comes in handy as a very useful makeup tool. To get that perfectly flawless looking skin, using these is helpful as it even out skin irritation and hyper-pigmentation in your complexion, including redness or scarring.
    By determining your skin concern it may be the best way to find out which color corrector you should use. For instance, if you suffer from redness or rosacea, then your skin might be red and inflamed. If this is the case, then a color corrector is required, sometimes called a neutralizer, in the color green. The main reason for this is that green corrector will perfectly neutralize deep redness on the skin. This can also be helpful if you have severely inflamed acne. 
    Keep in mind that a color corrector has a heavier coverage than a regular concealer. However, if you wear mineral makeup you can use the powdered version of a yellow color corrector for easy coverage like BareMinerals Redness Remedy. If you have Rosacea, which is often red and inflamed, it is recommended that you use a powdered mineral makeup yellow color corrector; it is gentler on the skin.  

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    How to Apply Mascara to Eyelids?

    How to Apply Mascara

    1. If your mascara is over three months, it’s time to consider replacing it. Your mascara should not be older than 3 months old, 6 months the most. Yes! This is where the bacteria starts. If your mascara begins to dry out the day you open it, and by the third month or beyond, the mascara will not apply smoothly, and it may cause excess clumping, and flake/smudge sooner than usual.

    2. Don’t pump the mascara tube. Pumping the brush in and out won’t get more mascara on your wand. Remember, the mascara is mainly at the bottom of the tube, so push the wand slowly down inside the tube, against the side, and rotate around once (like you’re scraping the batter off a cake bowl.) Then take out the wand and apply. Again, pumping the wand will put air INTO the tube, causing it to dry out too soon and bring in all sorts of bacteria.

    3. If you removed old mascara just before you apply new mascara, remember to make sure your lashes are dry and free from oil. Wipe a damp tissue over each eye to make sure all the remover is off, then let them dry in the air for a minute or two. A brush with residue foundation or veil powder on it can be dusted over them lightly to absorb any moisture or oils as well.

    4. Don’t be afraid to mix your mascaras.  When applying two mascaras, check if one is waterproof, then you use that one last!

    5. Curl them lashes!! Even if you have never mastered mascara, learn to master curling your lashes. Some very lucky people have gorgeous lashes, but they are just straight. Find a good eyelash curler, get it as close to the lash line as possible and curl, hold for 5 seconds. If you can be really careful, run the eyelash curler under hot water for a couple of seconds, then curl your lashes. It will work like a curling iron! (Make sure the lashes are dry when you are done.) Don’t forget to change the curling pad on your eyelash curler every three months for hygiene and curling performance purposes. They do wear down and may cause damage to your lashes.

    6. Don’t brush your lashes… get jiggy with them! Merely brushing your lashes from base to tip can cause clumps no matter what type of brush or mascara you are using. If you put the brush at the base of your lashes then zig-zag up to the tips, it will not only reduce clumping, but it will also help to coat and separate each lash.

    7. If you can, bend your brush when you take it out of the tube. This is a great professional makeup artists’ trick. Applying your mascara with a brush at a right angle will, naturally cover more of your lashes at one time, making them look their fullest. It will also save your hands and wrists from any unnatural positions that make it difficult to apply. If you do bend your brush, you should be able to bend it back without much hassle when you put it into the tube.

    8. DON’T BLINK! Let your coat(s) of mascara dry before you blink. Once your lashes are completely dry, give them one good blink to make sure everything stays where it should. If you get any residue, remove with a dampened Q-tip and give it another minute.

    9. For longer lashes don’t be scared to try a product that will add length and volume to your eye lash. 

    Dramatic eyes don’t have to be just for special occasions. You can have killer lashes any day of the week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (although some still say it does) to apply mascara. When you are practicing, don’t rush, take your time, and try different techniques. Before you know it, you’ll be in the Beauty Olympics…. the Mascara-thon!
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    What is Ipsy and How Does it work?


    What is Ipsy?
    Ipsy is a beauty community that all ipsters members/subscribers can learn new beauty tricks and participate with beauty Stylists and receive monthly glam bag. By subscribing to Glam Bags, you will receive up to 6 sample or full-sized beauty products (makeup, skincare, haircare and nailcare) each month that are curated just for you.

    How does it work?
    Being a member of ipsy community is 100% free, but the cost to receive the Glam Bag is only $10 a month or $110 for a year’s worth of 12 Glam Bags. Shipping in the US is free, while shipping to Canada is USD $4.95 per month. Billing starts on the 1st of each month and concludes until the 5th of each month. Glam bags are ship around the 10th or mid-month, tracking information will be sent to individual emails.

    How do I become a member?
    Sign up here:

    Ipsy Subscription Glam Bag
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