Shining The Light On Thailand’s Night Markets

Thailand is an iconic location for a variety of reasons. Its temples and beauty are enough to catch many a tourist’s eyes. The bustling markets are also something of a draw. Sadly, stunning as they seem, these markets can get busy. That’s why one of Bangkok’s night market alternatives may well find its way onto your trip itinerary.

Thailand's Night Market

As their name suggests, Thailand night markets are markets held after dark. Unlike the hot and stuffy daytime shopping experience, a night market offers a more manageable trip. Lucky for you, Bangkok hosts plenty of iconic and fantastic night markets. Some of the top picks include:

  • Rod Fai (Train Market)
  • Asiatique The Riverfront
  • Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market
  • Patpong

And, that isn’t even an extensive list! Whether you opt to shop from the seafront or the iconic Bangkok plane, this is sure to become a highlight of your stay. At least, it will if you follow these basic night market pointers.

Know where you’re going

Getting lost in a foreign country is never fun, but it’s worse once the sun goes down. As such, you should make sure you know precisely where you’re going on any night market foray. This could mean practicing the route in the daytime or even investing in pocket wifi for your trip to Thailand so that you can crack out Google Maps. Bear in mind that you need to know the route both there and back. It could be pretty late by the time you head back to your hotel, after all, and the last thing you want is to get stuck on unfamiliar Bangkok streets!

Limit your spending

It’s surprising how many people spend more than they intend at the night market. If the buzzing atmosphere isn’t enough to loosen your purse strings, you can bet those experienced selling locals will do a good job. Make sure you don’t spend the entirety of your trip cash by setting a budget before you head off. Admittedly, you will want to be generous with this considering you’ll be seeing some one-off stuff to remember your trip by. But, you need to be sure not to go over. This is so crucial that you might even want to take a certain amount and leave the rest in your hotel.


Keep your valuables upfront

The sheer after dark nature of markets like these may well set you on edge from a safety perspective. To many tourists’ surprise, though, night markets are actually safe and family-friendly activities. Thai locals themselves are known for their friendly hospitality, and most night market visitors are tourists like you. That said, while these markets are quieter than daytime counterparts, they can still get busy. And, as is the case in any crowded environment, thefts do happen. As such, you would be best off keeping your backpack or purse upfront. That way there’s no risk of someone gaining access to your valuables when you’ve got your nose stuck in some authentic Thai market cuisine.


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