How to Balance Studying with a Full-Time Job

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Are you a student who landed a full-time job? Or maybe you were already a regular employee who decided to go back to school. Dividing time and attention between two equally demanding roles is a job that a lot of people aren’t trained for. If you’re looking to find that perfect work-school balance, consider these ideas:

Get your degree online

If you are already employed full-time and are planning to earn a degree, consider enrolling for an online program. There are universities that let you earn a bachelor’s and even a doctorate and master’s degree online.

Studying online gives you all the flexibility you need to earn a degree, work, and still have time for other areas in your life. Admission also tends to be easier, and the costs are generally cheaper. You can access study materials anywhere, and anytime. You will also have ample support from peers and professors online.

Divide the reading

As soon as you get the materials, divide your reading into weekly intervals. Estimate how many days you have, and how much you need to read to finish the materials on time. Create a reading schedule, and post it where you cannot neglect it. Include how much reading you need to finish in a day and cross it off when you are done.

Figure out what works best for you. If you grasp a material stronger when you study a little at a time, break it down into small chunks. Giving yourself something to accomplish daily is a lot better than cramming a bulk of materials into a short period of time.

Maximize your daily commute

The time wasted when you are stuck in traffic can be converted into an opportunity to study. Open up your textbooks while in public transport. If you are driving, listen to the audiobook that comes with your materials.


Sneak bits in

Always carry review materials. These can be something as simple as an index card containing key concepts, or a list of definitions on your phone. You surely have several periods of five to ten minutes when you are free throughout the day.

You can study bits while waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for your food at a restaurant or waiting and walking to your ride. Study while doing other tasks, such as cooking dinner, going to the bathroom, or cleaning your space.

Sneaking in some bits within the day can also save you study time later at night, so you can spend more time with your family or on your hobbies.

Make wise sacrifices

You need to make some sacrifices to complete the course, but it does not necessarily mean giving up time for those that matter. Sacrifice the tasks that only affect you, such as watching your favorite TV shows, instead of cutting time with your loved ones. Skipping an hour of TV or Netflix every night can go far in helping you complete your reading, without feeling like you are missing out on the important things in life.

These tips are only meant to help you get started on your studies and do not guarantee a completely smooth course. The going can get tougher on certain days — you may need to spend overtime hours and have less for your studies. Do not let the hard days overpower the good days. When you find yourself losing motivation, remind yourself what or who you are doing it all for.


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