Jeans We Never Let Go

kerina wang jeans

Fall is coming.  With, comes our favorite fashion trends and outfits!  One blogger recently broke the routine and made a simple post about her “never gonna let you go” jeans.  These appear to be cornerstone pieces she’s featured for years.

Here’s a side by side, the picture on the right is an old outfit:

The jeans pictured above are from LuLu’s but she also features expensive pieces from Revolve and Lovers and Friends.

high rise skinny jeans

The lifetime of a Jeans

In the world of consumption, it’s nice to know that there are some outfits that require us to slow it down.  Did you know, a good pair of jeans slowly stretches and conforms over time?  Hence, we are familiar with “breaking in” our jeans.  According to ABC, most quality jeans has special burlap fabric that adds that magic stretch.  High-quality jeans typically cost $200.  Over time, some jeans will only feel right for their original owner.

wash jeans

How to wash jeans

How do you wash your jeans?  Remember that high-quality jeans do not need to be washed often, nor should they ever go straight in the dryer.  Jeans have anti-bacterial properties that are perfectly fine to skip a wash.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t wash if you find it musky!  When it comes to those expensive, favorite jeans, it’s totally worth researching on the best way to take care of them.

Whether you love a good pair of mom jeans or flared jeans, let us know if you have a pair that you’d never let go.


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