Risks of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a surgery that is done to remove excess fat deposits in some areas of the human body, which is not responding to diet plans and physical exercises. It is a well-known fact that there are advantages as well as disadvantages in surgeries.  However, if the liposuction surgery is done by an experienced and well-qualified cosmetic surgeon in a well-equipped facility, it can reduce the risks of complications of surgery. Moreover, treating more than one area of the body or treating a large area of the body can increase the number of risks and complications that occur during and after surgery.


Mainly there are common risks that can be visible in patients after liposuction, such as;

  • Often Temporary bruising, soreness, swelling and numbness in and around the treated areas.
  • Rippling or saggy skin will result in some patients. But, after a few months skin will usually tighten and retract but in some people, it may remain loose.
  • Small scarrings and irritations can occur around the incision sites where the cannulas (suction tubes) were inserted.

Some complications are rarely visible in patients after a liposuction, such risks include;

  • Uneven skin surface in treated areas.
  • Skin and nerves can be damaged. (As an example; heat that is generated during ultrasound-assisted liposuction surgery may burn the skin or damage the tissues and nerves under the skin.)
  • Permanent color changes in the skin.

Gaining weight after liposuction

Weight gain after having liposuction surgery is a dangerous matter. Your body may store the new fats in different places, not on the places where the fat cells were removed. New fat can be, deposited on the inner areas (around the organs) of the body such as heart and liver. However, this type of fat that is stored on heart and liver is harmful and sometimes life-threatening for humans than the fats that are stored under the skin (fat deposits on hips, thighs, belly, etc). .So gaining weight after liposuction is a risk, so be careful of your weight after liposuction. Because of this matter liposuction is not suitable for weight loss but overweight people can reduce their weight up to the recommended level before having a liposuction surgery.

Liposuction risks

However, death is very rare due to liposuction surgery, but large amounts of fat removal (more than 4 to 5 liters of fat removal) might increase the risk if it is associated with obesity, critical health problems (heart disease, blood clotting disorders, etc.), pregnancy and many more. Possible highly risked complications include;

  • Fat clots or blood clots may travel to lungs and become life-threatening which is known as pulmonary embolism.
  • Infections can occur and it will prevent by giving antibiotics before and after liposuction surgery.
  • Excessive fluid and blood loss can lead the patient to shock.
  • Accumulation of fluid inside the lungs and this is known as (pulmonary edema) which will cause due to the large volume of fluid injection.
  • If large areas or many areas of the body were treated once, the toxic reaction to the injected solution would occur.

By having proper preparations before, during and after liposuction can reduce risks of above complications.


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