A Day In The Southern Boomtown Of Nashville

If you have ever wished to visit a state from the famous American Rust Belt, then Tennessee should be in your top three at least. Nashville is the capital city which is the culture and sports bedrock of the state. The city has a full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon, so many bars venues that celebrate country music and of course eateries that offer from a kickass barbecue. In 2017, it was estimated that Nashville is now coming up to the 2 million mark with regards to population numbers. Named after Francis Nash the Revolutionary War hero, the people of the city are proud of their blend of southern and northern culture. The commercial buildings in the city center are another indication of the prosperity the city possesses. Many politicians have in turn dubbed Nashville the ‘Southern boomtown’. Cutting right through the heart of the city is the Cumberland River. It’s slow and leisurely flow of water, makes it great for late evening boat rides in among the glistening lights of the attractions and buildings.

Barbecue culture

It just wouldn’t be a true southern city if Nashville didn’t have a jaw-dropping barbecue culture. The selection of restaurants and cozy BBQ eateries at your disposal will force you to stop and think before choosing. Pork and lots of it are what you can expect. The dry rub pork ribs at Peg Leg Porker BBQ are renowned all over the city. They’re smoked until just falling off the bone, the juices drip out of the meat when gently squeezed and the sweet and smoky barbecue sauce smothered on top is a salivating combination. If chicken is your game, then head on over to Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint. The sticky and slightly twanged chicken wings and whiskey is one of the favorites of locals from all over Tennessee. And of course, you have freshly made burgers, with smoky beef, pulled pork and as much American cheese as you want on them.

A tense escape

A small town just south of Nashville has an intense experience for those wanting a thrill with a puzzle. The Nashville PanIQ Escape Room sets you a time limit, in which you must escape a room of your choosing or else face a figurative perish. The insane asylum room is for those who have a curiosity with an abandoned mental health institution. So many movies have been made upon this concept but now it’s time for you to experience the real thing. Mind-control experiments done on patients by wicked doctors and surgeons were once done in the room you inhabit. The room is for a 2-6 player group, you have just 60 minutes to escape and if you spend one moment arguing, you may have sealed your own fates. It’s a fun game to play on a day out in Nashville if you’re looking for something to do as a group of friends on a trip or just with your family.

Nashville is a city that can truly be described as a modern SouthernBastiann. You can definitely tell you’re not in any of the northern states. Yet it’s colorful, the people are friendly, the food is smokey and the activities are plentiful.


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