Reasons To Travel By Road

travel by road

Now that the summer is in full swing, most of us are ready to pack up and leave home for an awesome holiday. Summer holidays are always something to look forward to, and whether you are traveling an hour down the road or 24 hours on a plane, it is incredibly exciting.

If you want to travel by road this year for your holiday, here are the reasons why it can trump travelling by plane and why it should be on your bucket list this summer.

1) Explore

It doesn’t matter how far you decide to travel, because even just an hour from your home there will be places you have never even seen before. Take the time to find new places on your road trip and stop off at unique locations. It will make you really appreciate your country and you might even find so,e new favourite places along the way.

2) Flexibility

When you go on holiday on a plane, you have a tight schedule to keep to. You have to make sure that you leave for the airport with enough time to get through customs, security and everything else before you can board your plane. However, when you travel by car, you can simply wake up when you are ready, pack up and set off. You don’t have any restrictions on time or packing when you travel by car, and you can install a roof rack and discover more on bringing more items with you for the trip. It is much more flexible than going by plane.

3) Music

One of the best things about travelling in a car on the road is the fact that you can spend a few days creating an awesome playlist and then you can sing along with your family and friends as you go. There’s no better way to create a good atmosphere in the car than to get some classic music playing! Bohemian Rhapsody is an absolute must on any car playlist!

4) Making Memories

Just like any other holiday, a holiday on the road will allow you to collect some amazing memories with the people you love. If you are on the road and see something which looks good, you can stop off for the afternoon and make some amazing memories with your family. Take lots of photographs, bring back some souvenirs and think happily back on the trip for the whole future.

5) Bonding With Family

There’s nothing that can bring a family together more than being in the car for hours on end. Although it might seem like a nightmare to start off with, it will be a great way to get to know your family once more and to really understand what makes them tick. Being on holiday together and experiencing new things can allow you to learn more about your family members and you will all be much closer by the time you get home. Enjoy the bonding time and make sure you keep u the good relations when you come home!


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  • Cordelia Moor

    I’ve never really thought about a road trip holiday, but it actually sounds like really good fun! Being in control of your own schedule is just so lovely, with the ability to stop off and lounge around whenever you want.

    Cordelia ||

    July 5, 2018 at 8:30 am Reply
  • 10Revs

    There is a quote “To travel is to take a journey into yourself,” travelling is like taking empowering steps in your own self-development. Not only you see places and cultures you have never seen before in your life but at the same time you are building the memories that last forever. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post all of these reasons can also be taken as motivation for my next road trip.

    July 18, 2018 at 10:23 am Reply
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