Reasons Why You Should Enroll in College

After graduating high school we often think about our next step in life. Should I go to a college, get a job etc. Even as an adult sometimes we miss the opportunity of going straight to college after earning a high school diploma or equivalency but there is always a part of you that makes you want to enroll in a degree program.

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While looking into options for different colleges this sometimes can lead to discouragement; when reviewing the increasing price tag and the time period that it will take to earn a college degree. General thoughts that might pop up in our head might include:

“Why should I invest in going to college? What is the return on investment and will I be able to pay back my student loan?”

“Is there a suitable scholarship program for me?”

“How important is college to me?”  

“Will it be worth it in the end after investing the time and effort?”

Going to college was one of the best decisions I have made in life. If you want to start a college degree; do it now. The longer you wait the more time you will take trying to earn that degree. It is now easier to enroll into college which the technological resources that colleges have in place. If payment should be a problem then you might want to check out a scholarship program such as Chrissy Weems. Still not motivated to sign up for college?

Here are 5 reasons that will make you wanna enroll in college right now:

  1. There is a potential for increased salary/to make more money – employees with a college degree are often high earners as they get paid what the degree is worth.
  2. Greater Job Security – often times when we are looking at job vacancies one of the requirements is having a Bachelor’s degree or even higher. With this, you are more than likely to be unemployed as you will be able to apply for the given position having the suitable requirements after completing a 4yr. degree program
  3. Better Job Options – you will be open to more opportunities for work by being able to apply for a job that requires an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.
  4. Increased Social Network – college isn’t just for studying and attending lectures; you will be able to meet and interact with others from different backgrounds and parts of the world, discover new activities, support causes, become an ambassador, explore new ideas, art forms and cultures. This can also help to groom your lifestyle; making you into a better team leader and influencer to others. As you are open to class and peer discussions you will have discovered new ways to look at the world around you.
  5. Tradition – start a tradition for you and your younger generations to improve your level of education.

If you are currently enrolled and not liking college there are ways that you can improve your situation. It can be difficult at times since you are away from close friends and family. College is a way of feeling free and finding yourself. It will be well worth going.


After interviewing one of my close friends in college she said

“I enrolled in college because I wanted to stay educated and prove that women can do it all. I balanced working and going to school and I did not fail at either.”

Bianta stated that she felt motivated because she wanted to make a difference in her society and break the stigma of Haitians being downgraded and make it happen to represent all her fellow Haitian ancestors and this is just the beginning.

Apart of My College Experience

By enrolling in a degree program I have learned a lot more than what I did while in high school. I am highly motivated to do things on my own without the help of others. I have met wonderful people from all different background and culture. It can be overwhelming but it is overly amazing. Join the Chrissy Weems program and enroll in college now. What are you waiting for?

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