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    Reasons Why You Should Enroll in College

    After graduating high school we often think about our next step in life. Should I go to a college, get a job etc. Even as an adult sometimes we miss the opportunity of going straight to college after earning a high school diploma or equivalency but there is always a part of you that makes you want to enroll in a degree program.

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    What If You Don’t Enjoy University


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    Increasingly, a university is expected to be a path for everyone. It provides vital skills for life in most workplaces, but it’s not the best fit for everyone – or not immediately. While you might feel an enormous pressure not just to stay at university but to excel and also have a good time; this pressure can do more harm than good. That’s not just about your results but to your mental health.

    More students than ever are reporting problems with mental health, from homesickness, and stress to depression and this has lead to almost triple the previous rates of dropout. This can be caused by the pressure of work, a sense of isolation or the weight of expectation from family and friends, or simply not enjoying the university experience when you feel you should. Read more

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    Mainstream Etiquette: Why You Need to Dress Sharply for College

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    Most of college students love to dress up and impress other people. However, dressing for class and dressing for a party are two different things that shouldn’t overlap with each other.

    Dressing appropriately for students does not necessarily mean that you need a 3-piece suit in the class. The point here is to dress according to the occasion.
    Dressing up for school was once a ‘di rigueur’ in many college sites as it is a symbol of respecting the power of education, demonstrating respect to your professors, and showing respect to your school.
    But before we go down to the reasons why college students should practice the art of dressing up sharply, let’s tackle first what it means to dress up sharply.
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    What Is Dressing Up Sharply? 

    1. Dressing Means That You Wear Clean Clothes That Fit

    While not all career requires wearing a suit every day. Young people should wear clothing that is free from stains, rips, and tears, and most of all must fit one’s body physique.
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    2.  Dressing Up Means Having Your Personal Style

    After building a rapport with clean and well-fitting clothes, the next thing to do is to develop your style.
    The key to creating your style is understanding your build, skin tone, hair color, environment, and financial capacity. Combine these factors and come up a fitting style that doesn’t compromise.
    You don’t have to follow mainstream trends in fashion. You can conjure your style that shows your personality.
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    3. Dressing Sharp Means Classic

    After conjuring your personal style, your next move would be, gathering ideas from classic trends. Dressing sharply evokes the image of men in the past. It could be the reason why the generation of our grandfathers is classic.
    Classic items of clothing are the things that hold firm over time, and have no flows and ebbs,  transcends time and never lost its relevance in fashion trends.
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    4. Dressing Sharp Means To Surpass

    In the greatest sense, dressing up means to stand above the social norms of the day. T-shirts and jeans are common staples in the society, and for the most part, this combo is well-accepted in different cultures.
    However, T-shirts and jeans do not exceed the current social norms that we have. If you want to stand-out from the crowd, choose to dress sharply. Take heed, dressing sharply means surpassing the standards.
    Now, you already know what it’s like to dress sharply, the next phase would be discussing the reasons why it’s essential for college students to dress up sharply at school.
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    Sharp Dressing Conveys Maturity

    Whether you choose to go to school, serve your country, or enter a trade, you are now a young adult.
    Your experiences in your pre-adulthood years shaped who you are today. It’s your responsibility to carry yourself forward. And the clothes that you wear are not exceptions.
    Dressing sharply shows maturity and motivation. People will see you as a young person full of life and energy, potentials, and dreams. At the same time, they will also see a young person who is responsible and mature enough to serve herself or himself and rise above teen-hood. 


    Sharp Dressing Is a Good Confidence Booster

    A young person who has self-confidence can rise above the challenges of college life. Confidence is imperative in surviving the succeeding college life.
    You cannot nail a good class presentation if you’re not confident with yourself. You could not land a good internship if you messed up in the interview due to lack of self-esteem. You cannot ask an attractive woman on a date if you think less of yourself.
    To aid this dilemma, you should try to dress up sharply so that you can boost your self-confidence. Put on the best clothes that you own and face college with confidence.


    Sharp Dressing  Radiates Self-Respect

    If you exert time and effort in dressing up sharp, you will radiate an image of self-worth and self-esteem.
    People will see and think positively of you. Dressing up means you are respecting your body. Moreover, a sharply dressed student will display a healthy sense of worth. When people see you in a clean, fitted, and classic clothing, they will most likely think that you are worthy of their company and time.
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    Sharp Dressing  Means You Respect Your School and Professors

    Showing respect to your school and professors is the whole point here. You want to look good and project a confident person because you want to demonstrate that you’re taking college life as a journey worth dressing.
    What would your professors feel if you show up in their class wearing an over-sized sweatshirt and ripped jeans, or a dingy sweater and short pants with matching flip flops? Imagine what would be their impressions about you. Most probably, you’re a lazy student who only goes to class whenever you like.
    When you wear appropriate clothing and go to class as a well-dressed student, your professors will acknowledge that you’re a responsible adult ready to take on the challenges that their subjects will throw at you. It will also reflect the image of the school that you’re attending.
    When people see you in your best wardrobe and knows which school you’re attending, they will more likely think that students in your school have a good sense of style and most probably dresses up like you. Indirectly, you are representing the school with your fashion.


    There’s a saying that goes like this, “Clothes Maketh Man,” it means that the way you dress reflects your personality as a person. It holds true for most of us. Women’s and men’s clothing are important social factors. We dress because we like to make good impressions. The same thing goes with dressing sharply too. There’s a reason why you groom yourself and dress well. It goes beyond vanity.
    Janis Walker
    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.
    Author Bio: Janis Walker is a fashion designer turned entrepreneur, writer, and blogger. The majority of her time goes to tending her clothing and shop and writing for her blogs. Leslie’s interests also extend to traveling, fashion designing, photography, and cooking. Carpe diem is his motto in life
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    Changing Your Life for the Better – Getting That College Degree

    college degree


    Going to college means slowly entering adulthood. That part of your life will start sooner or later, so you might as well be prepared for it. Investing in higher education opens up a whole new dimension, offering an important insight into the world you didn’t know existed. Things like hard work, experience, and intellectual pursuit are crucial elements of being a college student and a responsible adult, so you can see how a university degree is more than just a paper. It’s your passport through life, a chance to go further. Whether you’re a young girl ready to conquer the world or someone who wants to advance in their field of work or you just simply need to finish something you started many years ago, getting that college degree is always the right choice. Here are just some of the advantages higher education brings to the table.

    Building your Self-Esteem

    Now that you’ve finally finished college, you can look back on all the hard work and long hours you’ve invested into getting there. It’s a big accomplishment and a huge boost for your self-esteem. During your time in college, you had a chance to grow both socially and professionally by building relationships with professors and your fellow students. Also, many of the courses are specifically designed to teach graduates how to face challenges with confidence, some of which include developing important skills like goal-setting and conflict management. All those will really come in handy when you start looking for a job or a promotion and be sure that the first thing your employers will notice is your self-esteem.


    Job Opportunities

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Between 2004 and 2014, almost 14 million job openings are projected to be filled by workers who have a bachelor’s or higher degree.” Those are some big numbers. And the first step you can take towards being one of those prospective candidates is enrolling in college and getting that degree. The process itself involves a lot of hard work, so in order to maximize your chances of getting into the best school possible, you should seek help when preparing for challenging university admissions. By getting into and finishing some of the top schools out there, you’ll definitely be at an advantage when applying for the desired position.

    Higher Income

    No surprise there, a college degree provides an opportunity for a significantly higher income than a high school one does. National Center for Education statistics shows that employees with college degrees make over $15,000 more a year than their non-graduate colleagues. So, if you’ve started but never finished or you’re thinking about enrolling into the university in order to advance your career, you should definitely do so because chances are you’ll be making 30 percent more money, which should be motivating enough.

    college degree


    College is also important for making connections which will have a profound influence on everything you do for the rest of your life. Your fellow students, professors and their assistants may all help you during your rising career path. Their recommendations and advice can make a huge difference when it comes to landing that desired position. You never know who will become who and keep a good relationship from the start can prove to be highly beneficial in the future.

    Considering all the things above, it’s very clear that one of the most important things you should be investing in is higher education. Not only will it improve the quality of your life, but it will also benefit your overall state of mind, making you more confident and ready to face any challenge life throws at you.