Things You Can And Cannot Change About Your Face

Living comfortably in your own skin is not something that comes naturally to many girls growing up. There are a number of factors that weigh upon young women that cause this to be so. Indeed many times it is due to social pressures that you have been subjected to since you were young enough to understand them. However other times it’s something that’s a little deeper in the psyche of the individual. It could be a competitive nature to look the best and most attractive compared to other women. It might just be that you want to change your features in one way or another, utterly of your own choice. Our face is perhaps a unique part of our bodies. Out of the billions and billions of other people, your facial features are entirely your own. It takes time to come to terms with the fact that your looks are your looks. At some point, if you still want to look a certain way, you need to know the things you can and cannot change about your face.

Health and activity helps

Good circulation is craved by your skin. You have millions of pores on the surface of your skin that have multiple functions. They secret sweat, natural oils for moisturizing as well as being sensitive to temperature changes. Clear, smooth, healthy skin can only be achieved if you get active. For skin that isn’t trapped under spots, blotches and blackheads, you need to be able to get active. Pick up a spot or go to the gym and stick to it. Your skin will become stronger and aesthetically much more appealing.

Cartilage has a mind of its own

Generally speaking, nose bones are actually a lot smaller than you might think. What gives your nose structure is the cartilage. It’s essentially a soft tissue despite its toughness. It protrudes out from under the nose bone and gives the bridge of your nose its rigidity. Depending on your genetics, it will grow long, short or proportional. This is one thing you cannot change on your face by your own means. In this case, rhinoplasty is a common solution for many who aren’t happy with the shape of their nose. It could also be beneficial to you as long cartilage impedes your breathing.

Pucker up

Lips are a bit hit and miss because they’re a constant changing feature. They’re able to dissipate heat from your body as well as change color for mating communication. Prone to dryness, lips need to be catered for just like your skin. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep them plump and soft. Eating has an immediate effect on their condition such as salty foods will sap the moisture away. A good natural lip balm is a cheap and effective solution to this. Foods with vitamin A, B2, C and E are excellent sources of nutrients for your lip tissue.

Don’t get carried away by peer pressure no matter what you do. There are some things you can change about your facial features, but it takes physical effort on your part. Other times there just isn’t a simple solution hence cosmetic options are there as an option. Eating the right food to get the correct minerals will always support the longevity and good condition of your features too.


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