How to Prevent Personal Injuries

Slips, trips and falls are all considered as personal injuries. The misuse of prescription drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol, being distracted by driving; these all contribute to injury that ultimately leads to fatalities. If you have ever caught yourself in a personal injury a Tampa injury attorney can help you. These can be prevented by following some simple safety tips and procedures:

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How to Prevent Personal Injuries

  • Avoid taking phone calls while driving – talking on the phone while driving is not a good idea; it can cause distractions that later lead to an incident. Earphones, headphones are just as dangerous when driving. If you need to make a quick phone call pull off the road to talk.
  • Do you really need to get dress while you drive? If you must apply makeup do this from home or wait until you arrive at your destination. Do not do it while you are driving! I know some ladies are guilty of this.
  • Hungry? You grab a bite but did not get a chance to eat. Please spare 5 minutes at a restaurant or eat in your car before driving off.
  • Technology has improved to the point that we can watch videos from our car. Even though it is not okay to be watching videos while driving. The entertainment from the video may cause a distraction that leads to your own personal injury. Keep your music volume, playlist, radio or any type of audio in a tone where it is not a distraction for you and others.
  • Sometimes we travel with our colleagues or if you are a taxi driver with passengers while driving we get into heated discussions and overly lively debates. Keep it at a pace where it does not cause any distraction that leads to personal injuries.
  • Avoid reading maps while driving and set navigation device before driving off to location.
  • Prevent misuse of prescribed medications – do not mix with alcohol or other drugs and use only as prescribed. Any medication that might cause drowsiness or dizziness takes them only before bed.

Slip, Trips or Falls

Older adults often suffer from slips, trips or fall; it is not only limited to adults as anyone can get a bad fall at any time. This injury might cause broken bones and other health problems. Some measures that can be taken to prevent this kind of incident includes:

  • Wearing non-skid shoes – these have a better grip
  • Avoid walking on wet slippery floors – wait until it’s dry
  • Do regular doctor visits – at least once yearly
  • Install rails in your shower; you don’t want to be slipping in the bathtub
  • Consider installing night lights around your home; it can be hard to move around in the dark
  • Exercise regularly to stay physically fit and maintain balance


Personal injury attorneys Tampa is waiting to assist if you have suffered from any form of personal injuries caused by carelessness or willful negligence of others. If you are unable to bring yourself there a personal injury attorney will come to you.

Personal Injuries attorneys Tampa can help you with the following cases:

  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Severe Injuries

Always exercise good judgment and stay alert to prevent personal injuries. Disability and death cannot always be prevented but it’s good to stay cautious. If you, a friend or a loved one has suffered an injury seek help from personal injury attorneys Tampa immediately.


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