What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About You?

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For some reason, an engagement or wedding ring always seems to be an area of speculation amongst folk. If you see a celebrity get engaged and they have a tiny diamond, you start to wonder why, and this can lead to us forming opinions about the people themselves. The question we really need to ask is why? Why does a piece of jewelry say something about us! Well…

Expensive means divorce

You might think that the more expensive a ring is; the more the man loves the woman he wants to marry, but this is not the case at all. The idea that you should spend 2 months wages on an engagement ring is a little ridiculous, and you can easily get a ring from somewhere like Brilliant Earth which is just as beautiful for less. Spending more on a wedding ring shouldn’t be the reason to say yes to a proposal. If the man feels as if he has to prove his love through money, the relationship isn’t likely to last.

Princess-Cuts Equal Fairy-Tales

A princess cut ring is a stunning cut which is simple, sweet as timeless. This is a ring which signifies that the love can never be bent or broken, it will always be in style and this couple’s love for each other is never going to change. It is a glamorous cut but also one which can be used in everyday life after the big day.

More Stress For Higher Cost

The more a man has to spend on an engagement ring for his fiancée; the more stress he is likely under. Like we touched on earlier: money should never be the reason why you marry someone. It shouldn’t matter whether he spent $100 or $1000 on a ring as long as he loves you and you love him. If you put pressure on him with your expensive tastes; he will put himself under immense stress to buy you a ring he thinks you will be impressed with. It is better to let him know that you will be happy with any ring as long as you get to spend your lives together.

A coloured cut for the glamorous

There aren’t many people who are brave enough to try out a coloured cut for their engagement or wedding ring, however, if you do you will be sure to get lots of comments from people telling you how glamorous you look and how unique it is. You are not afraid to live outside the rules and you take pride in your individuality.

A round cut for simple tastes

If everyone likes the idea of walking around with a hunk of square rock hanging off the end of their fingers. Some people prefer the small, subtle look because they prefer to flaunt their natural beauty to the world and not get too dressed up. They are not fussy people and are happy enough with a simple band and a classic, round diamond for a timeless and stunning look.

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