Keep Track of Makeup Shades using Printable Worksheets

How to keep track of makeup shades printables

How to keep track of makeup shades

If you consider yourself as a makeup junkie, hoarder etc. then you might have tons of makeup from different shades to different brand names. Keeping track of these can be a problem, especially when repurchasing and you are at the store and forget your shade.
With these printable worksheets, it will help you to keep track of products that you sue as well as the shades. No need to be walking with the empty bottle from store to store. You just simply write the brand of the product and the name of the shade on the list, so that you can use it for reference in the time of need.
You might also have your eyes on a specific shade of lipstick, with this printable you can easily jot down the shade to purchase later. I have created two printable that will help you to keep track of your makeup shades.
Uncategorized List: If you try all different types of product and don’t really care much about organization then this list was made exactly for you. Jot down the brand, product and their shade number/name as you get to know your shade for later reference.
Categorized List: The list is neater and organize as it is broken down into categories: foundation/concealer, powder, bronzer/highlight and lipstick. If you are not a makeup junkie and only use just a few products this list will suit you best.
This list is designed for makeup lovers whether beginners or pros feel free to use any of the free printable.  You can also download the printable as many times as you like. Please remember this is a good way of keeping track of your makeup shades etc.

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How to keep track of makeup shades printable
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