DIY Coconut Hot Oil Treatment

Do you want super soft shiny hair? Perhaps you need to try this easy DIY Coconut Hot Oil Treatment. It is packed with a lot of benefits for your hair. Gently massage in the product after preparation and allow it to sit the results will surprise you. Some benefits include stronger hair, shiny hair, hair growth and prevention from hair breakage.

Hot Oil Treatment

Coconut Oil and Plastic Squeeze Bottle


¼ coconut oil
1 tsp. honey
Plastic squeeze bottle
Plastic cap
Small microwave safe bowl

Instructions: Coconut Hot Oil Treatment

Combine coconut oil and honey in the small microwave safe bowl. Place the mixture in the microwave and allow it to warm up for 30-45 seconds until the coconut oil and honey mixture turns into a liquid formula. Stir the ingredients together until it is well incorporated. Allow it to cool, then proceed to pour the mixture into the plastic bottle.

conditioning cap

Separate your hair, then massage the mixture unto dry hair and scalp; starting at the ends while you work your way to the scalp. After the hair has been evenly covered with the mixture, wrap your hair and secure it with a few hairpins. Cover with a plastic conditioning cap and allow the hair mask to sit on the hair for 25-30 minutes.

Rinse hair thoroughly, apply shampoo then condition. Style as desired.


  • add moisture to dry and brittle hair
  • soothes an itchy scalp and rid the hair of dandruff
  • increase blood circulation to the scalp which leads to hair growth
  • strengthens and add sheen to hair
  • helps to prevent split ends and frizzy hair

If you are not a fan of DIY – creating your own product then you can always by a premade product from the store. This Mint Almond Oil from Mielle should work the same as any other hot oil treatment.

If you have tried this DIY Coconut Hot Oil Treatment leave your comments below.

What are some other hot oil treatments that you use to soften the hair?


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