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    Responsible Gaming Guide: Have Fun Without Breaking the Bank

    We all love playing video games. From first-person shooters to the real-time strategies, every single game has something alluring to it. However, most game developers are always looking for various ways to make you spend more money. You can try playing free to play games, but they only have even more “traps” for unsuspecting users. At the same time, popular pay-to-play games tend to cost incredible amounts of money. And lastly, microtransactions seem to be everywhere. So, what can you do to avoid spending all of your money on video games?

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    A Guide to Buying Your First Luxury Watch

    Congratulations on your decision to purchase your very first luxury watch. Many people reward themselves with luxury items as a result of accomplishing a long-term goal or landing a high paying job. Choosing your first luxury watch is something that you should take your time with.

    Here’s a guide to buying a quality luxury watch that may not be your last but could become your absolute favourite purchase.
    luxury watch

    Image source: Pexels

    1. Which Watch Should I Buy?

    There are several well known luxury watchmakers that manufacture quality timepieces that are distinguished as well as highly functional. Many people opt to buy a Swiss model, as they’re known for their high-quality craftsmanship and striking designs.  However, the best Swiss watch for the first time buyer could be a Longines model or a Breitling – it’s all down to personal taste (more on this below).

    Workmanship is a big factor that first time luxury watch buyers shouldn’t overlook. Another feature that you want to think about is versatility as your luxury watch should be capable of being worn every day. You can learn more about the choices available, and browse the various designs at Chronoexpert.

    2. If You Could Only Own One Watch…

    If you are buying your first luxury watch, you should pick one that feels naturally comfortable on your wrist. High-quality watchmakers are obsessed with producing watches that look and function exceptionally well. You may want to try on different luxury watches so you can feel the way they fit on your wrist and take a look in the mirror to see how their design compliments your build. When you only own one watch from a luxury designer, consider where you will be wearing it most frequently.

    3. The First Luxury Watch to Buy

    The first luxury watch you buy should be an unrestricted splurge that you make for yourself. This is not to say that you need to try and break the bank on your first luxury watch purchase, but you should be more concerned about style, function, and longevity than catching something on sale that happens to be made by a designer watchmaker. Your first luxury watch needs to have a lengthy warranty, if not a lifetime warranty, so you can just get it fixed or replaced should it ever get damaged. The first designer watch you buy also needs to work with your current lifestyle.

    4. The Best Swiss Watch for First Time Buyers

    Swiss watches didn’t fall into popularity because of where they are manufactured. Instead, Swiss watchmakers gained popularity with buyers due to their incredible smart designs and durability. That doesn’t mean they all look the same, though. There are dozens of luxury Swiss watch brands, and each has its own style and features that make it unique.

    5. What Makes a Watch Luxury?

    A luxury watch isn’t named so because of the price tag.  In actual fact, you can tell that a watch is a luxury just by looking at it. Luxury watches are only available from companies that place a huge emphasis on quality and design. Sometimes you might see an expensive wristwatch and assume that it is a part of a luxury brand, but that’s just not the case. When you see a watch that is high quality and on the pricier side, see what company it comes from to learn if it is a luxury good.

    6. What Does Your Luxury Watch Say About You?

    When you get your first luxury watch and your friends see you wearing it, their reaction should be noteworthy. From being asked questions about where you purchased it; to ask about the price, your luxury watch should make you look and feel more sophisticated. Luxury watches come with a number of features, and it’s believed that you can learn about someone’s personality just by looking at their watch.

    The more simple designs portray an elegant and refined personality, the bulkier sports and diving watches suggest an active lifestyle, and the watches that feature alarms and stopwatch features suggest the owner is someone who enjoys a busy lifestyle.

    Getting your first luxury watch should be about rewarding yourself for working hard and being tenacious. Your entire wardrobe doesn’t have to be made up of luxury items and your new luxury watch may be the only luxury item that you own for a good, long time. Keep up the hard work and have your new luxury watch serviced as necessary so it will become a timeless piece. Whether you wear it every day for several years or only hang it from your wrist when you want to jazz up your look, a luxury watch is a must have accessory.

    A Guide to Buying Your First Luxury Watch
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    Keep Track of Makeup Shades using Printable Worksheets

    How to keep track of makeup shades printables

    How to keep track of makeup shades

    If you consider yourself as a makeup junkie, hoarder etc. then you might have tons of makeup from different shades to different brand names. Keeping track of these can be a problem, especially when repurchasing and you are at the store and forget your shade.
    With these printable worksheets, it will help you to keep track of products that you sue as well as the shades. No need to be walking with the empty bottle from store to store. You just simply write the brand of the product and the name of the shade on the list, so that you can use it for reference in the time of need.
    You might also have your eyes on a specific shade of lipstick, with this printable you can easily jot down the shade to purchase later. I have created two printable that will help you to keep track of your makeup shades.
    Uncategorized List: If you try all different types of product and don’t really care much about organization then this list was made exactly for you. Jot down the brand, product and their shade number/name as you get to know your shade for later reference.
    Categorized List: The list is neater and organize as it is broken down into categories: foundation/concealer, powder, bronzer/highlight and lipstick. If you are not a makeup junkie and only use just a few products this list will suit you best.
    This list is designed for makeup lovers whether beginners or pros feel free to use any of the free printable.  You can also download the printable as many times as you like. Please remember this is a good way of keeping track of your makeup shades etc.

    How to Get Your Free Printable Worksheets!

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    2. The link to access the worksheets will be sent via email shortly after
    3. Print them out for future use, as much as you like.
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