6 Health Benefits of a Warm Shower for Women

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Taking a shower has many proven benefits to our bodies. This activity not only cleanses us but also helps relieve stress and so much more.

However, the benefits of taking a shower vary depending on the temperature of your water. Are you a cold shower type of person? Or do you prefer increasing the water temperature a little bit to enjoy a warm shower?

A cold shower helps wake you up on in the morning—that is a given fact! But what exactly does a warm shower do to your body?

Below, we listed down some awesome benefits of taking a warm shower for women. Should you be showering with warm water next time?

1. A warm shower is awesome for cleansing.

Some of us may have heard that bacteria do not necessarily like warm water. Remember how mothers soak baby bottles in hot water? It is quite the same for our bodies! Taking a warm shower works wonders in cleansing your body because the higher water temperature helps kill the germs that may have adhered to your skin.

Have you been exposed to so much dust on your commute to work? Do you feel extra icky from all that pollution?

No worries! Heat up your water a little, and enjoy a long and cleansing warm bath.

You will surely come out of the shower cleaner and feel a little better.

2. A warm shower is a wonderful weight loss companion.

Ladies, if you are looking for another way to complement your weight loss routine, look no further. And we mean look no further than your own bathroom.

We are not kidding! A warm shower really does aid in losing weight.

This is because hot water helps boost your body’s metabolism. And a faster metabolism means the faster breakdown of your calories translating to more weight loss.

So better include a warm shower in your next weight loss regimen.

3. A warm shower is a natural decongestant.

Feeling a bit under the weather? Nobody wants to face a long day with a cough and colds, right?

While a decongestant may work wonders, taking a warm shower offers a natural remedy as well. That is all thanks to the steam.

The steam from warm shower aid in relieving cold symptoms by moisturizing your nasal passages. In other words, warm shower equals clear airways.

warm shower

4. A warm shower is a great menstrual cramp remedy.

Menstrual cramps are the worst! And almost all women know this sad truth.

While there are many helpful over-the-counter meds available, they are not the only remedy against the agonizing pain of our monthly period. Another known remedy is (yes, you guessed it!) taking a warm shower.

How is this so?

According to Alyssa Dweck, M.D., an ob-gyn from Westchester, New York, and the co-author of V Is for Vagina, the heat aids in facilitating blood flow to your pelvic area, which relaxes the muscles that are causing the cramps in the first place.

So when you are getting your monthly painful visitor, take a long warm bath or shower. When you are done, you can forget about the pain for a while.

5. A warm shower helps relieve stress.

Is work stressing you out? Do you just want to feel relaxed for a while?

You can skip a long trip to the spa. A warm shower is all you need!

According to studies, taking a long shower helps increase your oxytocin levels. And this particular has been found to have anti-stress effects.

Another study found that oxytocin can induce anti-stress effects such as decreasing blood pressure and cortisol levels. Furthermore, oxytocin also helps increase pain thresholds and aids in stimulating positive social interaction.

In other words, a warm shower is an excellent mood booster!

6. A warm shower is a cheap detox method.

Taking a warm shower helps make you sweat and get rid of the toxins you may have accumulated from your unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.

Another way to benefit from a warm shower’s detoxing power is by alternating with a cold shower. You may begin with a hot shower for 3 minutes followed by a minute-long cold shower, then another hot shower for 3 minutes, and then alternate it with another minute-long cold shower.

You may repeat the above for several times, ending with cold. Just remember not to overdo it and make sure that the water is not too hot and not too cold.

There are many more benefits of taking a warm shower. It also helps relax your sore muscles, and it has known anti-aging effects too!Make your bathroom a healing space! Why don’t you invest in a heater now?

There are many excellent gas hot water heaters available in the market. You may also check online for tankless water heater reviews to help you decide.The point is getting all these amazing benefits do not have to cost you much. You do not need an expensive spa membership or excessive detox regimen.

Your next healing experience is waiting for you right at home!

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